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Sunday, January 1 2006

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I was enjoying a peaceful sleep-in, when I was awoken by a minor, challenging me to a game of chess, even before I was fully in command of my mental faculties.

Fortunately, I was still able to defeat the challenger, the game ending in the following position after I played Qf8++.

a b c d e f g h
Actually, my opponent continued with Kc7, but I didn't allow that!


Today it was hot. In fact it was the second hottest Sydney day on record. Fortunately, it was also watering day, and we took full advantage of our watering rights. We watered in the morning, and again in the evening, and then we watered some more...

The birds were gasping...


Kazuki contributed to the watering effort...

Kazuki makes a rainbow

Kazuki gave me some chocolate that he got from Santa because he doesn't like mint flavour. However, the heat had affected it a bit...

Melted Mints

Escaping the heat

To escape the heat, we first went swimming at Lane Cove Aquatic Centre. Unfortunately, photography is banned inside the centre, so this is the only picture...

Kazuki and I frolicked in the various indoor pools for about 1.5 hours while Yuko worked on her laptop. We eventually got bored and decided to leave, but we wanted to go somewhere cool. Unfortunately all the cafes in Lane Cove - including Epitome - were closed. We assumed this would be true of other areas too. Then Yuko suggested we go to "33" (which is actually called De Malaya, but we still refer to it as 33 in casual conversation). I called them to see if they were open, and they were! So that's where we went.

We hadn't been there for a while, partly because the standard of the food has declined since the management and name changed. Today's visit confirmed that it hasn't improved, but the air conditioning made it worthwhile.

Lunch at De Malaya (formerly 33)

On the way home from De Malaya, Belinda's thermometer, which shows the outside temperature, got up to 46.5 degrees! It had dropped a little by the time we got home and I took this picture...

Yes, it really was hot.

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