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Wednesday, November 30 2005

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At the suggestion of a reader, I entered the SmartyBlog awards.

Today I received this email...

From: SmartyHost 	
Date: Nov 30, 2005 5:34 PM
Subject: SmartyBlog Awards 
Dear SmartyBlog Award participant,
Thank you for entering your blog in the SmartyBlog Awards - SmartyHost's nationwide quest to find Australia's best blog.
Registrations have closed as of midnight November 28. Over 25,000 visited the registration-page and more than 530 blogs was entered in the competition. It has been a huge and difficult task to narrow down all the entries, and we are truly amazed by the quality of Australia's blogosphere! The judging panel will be reviewing the finalists for the next couple of days.
Change of announcement date: The winner of the $10,000 grand prize, and title of Australia's best blogger will be announced at$10000.html on Monday, December 5. The 10 runners up who will win SmartyBlog packages worth $120 will also be announced on this date.
Best of luck!
Cheers, SmartyBlog -- the easy way to blog!


Or shameless marketing ploy?

What are my chances?

Paper Sniffing

When I got home, Yuko sniffed the toilet paper...

Illegal Acts

I have become a mule for a local Video Lord who forces me to perform illegal acts involving breaches of copyright.

As I am not a regular breacher, I had to construct a special ad-hoc setup to perform the illegal deeds.

The setup

This means nothing to a mule


Here's a picture I took of some frogs...

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Tuesday, November 29 2005

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On the way to work I saw an unusual looking cyclist...


In the evening. Mother took us to Maroo (Korean BBQ) at Eastwood.

We took Mitsy rather than Mother's car because today she had a flat tyre and the NRMA had put the spare on for her. Apparently she scraped the tyre on the steps as she reversed out of her driveway. But fortunately, the tyre didn't go flat until she'd gone all the way to the shops and back.

At the restaurant, Mother told me she had forgotten how to use her mobile phone again. So I gave her another lesson. Then we told her to call Yuko for practice.

Mother calls Yuko

Mother's money

When we exited the restaurant, it was raining cats and elephants. Despite this, Yuko wanted to stop at the Korean supermarket to buy some Asian supplies.

Yuko goes to the Korean shop

The drive home was quite difficult as I couldn't see anything. Instead I just pointed the car in the general direction of Lane Cove and pressed the accelerator pedal.

We then dropped Mother off at her place and she disappeared into the night...

Mother disappears into the black night!


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Monday, November 28 2005

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Today, after a series of debacles, Yuko coined the expression...

"Life is just a series of debacles!

Debacle I - Car Crash

On my way home from work, I experienced a delay because of this debacle on Ryde Road...

Slightly damaged car

Looking back at the crash

Debacle II - Pipe Rupture

Then, the pipe supplying water to our house ruptured where it exits the ground, spraying water high in the air. Unfortunately a passer-by took action to suppress the geyser before I arrived to photograph it, but the extent of wetness can be seen in this picture.

Although the water was no longer shooting into the air, the leak was still significant, so I rang Sydney Water and they sent a dude to fix it. He arrived about an hour later and it took another hour to repair the leak.

We suspect that this leak was caused by our neighbour hitting our water meter with her car. But she admitted nothing when I ran into her at the site of the leak shortly after the fountain appeared. She just told me about the water spewing into the air and how a passer-by had acted to quell it.

Before he left, the Sydney Water dude said that we should install a bollard to protect the water meter. Perhaps something like this...


Debacle III - Broken Fish Tank

And Yuko broke the largest of our fish tanks! It's still functional, but the water level is at about 60% so that the cracks remain above water.

Cracks in the tank glass

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Sunday, November 27 2005

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It rained most of the day. When it rains, the upstairs section at Epitome is always very crowded. This is at least partly because the outside tables are not usable.

Rain in Lane Cove Plaza

Macro Photography Challenge

Yuko has been playing with her new macro lens...

Yuko plays with her new lens at Epitome

I decided to put the pressure on her by challenging her to a macro contest. I took the two pictures below using the macro setting on my compact camera - a Canon IXUS 40. I then challenged Yuko to do better with her fancy SLR and macro lens.

Macro image shot with my tiny IXUX camera

Macro image shot with my tiny IXUX camera

Yuko rose to the challenge and produced the picture below.

Yuko's macro picture

I conceded defeat.

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Saturday, November 26 2005

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Here's another picture of some feet...


It was raining as we made our way to Epitome. Yuko took her camera kit which is now big enough to require wheels for transport. Chubba, who works at Epitome, has the same model camera as Yuko does. So Yuko discussed her camera and lens requirements with him.

Making our way to Epitome
Yuko discusses her camera with Chubba


Yuko decided that the built-in macro facility in her new SLR camera was not adequate for her needs. So she asked me to take her to Domayne to buy a macro lens.

At Domayne we ran into Yuko's former business colleague, Mr. Yamaguci, who has appeared in this blog before...

Yamaguci's earlier appearance

Yuko and Yamaguci at Domayne
Yuko with her new lens

Jan Disappears - Feared Dead!

Is Jan dead, alive or bleeding to death on the floor of her unit? This was the question which occupied our afternoon.

At about 3pm, Mother called me asking me to perform some illegal acts for her involving copyrighted video tapes. I decided to walk around to Mother's house to pick up the tapes while getting some exercise.

When I arrived, Mother told me that she was concerned about her friend Jan. Jan normally calls Mother every Saturday and they arrange to go out to a movie or something arty. But today, Jan had not called, and Mother's attempts to contact her had also failed.

Mother was worried that Jan might be incapacitated in her unit - unable to reach the phone. It all seemed a bit strange, so I suggested that we go to Jan's place to investigate.

Meanwhile, [Name Omitted] (known to readers as Lady Macbeth) was sending text messages to Jan's mobile without any response. So we drove to Jan's place at Artarmon.

Mother buzzed Jan's bell...

Mother buzzing

...but there was no response. So she buzzed several other units until someone answered. Mother explained the situation on the intercom and the guy let us into the building. In doing so he violated the instructions on the notice board inside...

The guy in unit 16 is in breach of the security guidelines for the building!

We banged on Jan's door and listened carefully for the sound of her moaning in agony on the floor. But we heard nothing.

Having established the physical location of Jan's unit, I walked around the outside of the building and located her balcony. The glass sliding doors were closed. I also walked under the building to locate her parking space to check whether her car was there. However, it was a lockup garage so I was unable to see if the car was there.

Having learned very little, we drove to Lady Macbeth's house to tell her the result of our investigation. Ms. Macbeth was babysitting a small person, who ran away upon seeing me...

Small person runs away

We then stood around speculating about Jan's possible grisly fate...

Standing around speculating about Jan's fate.
Note - Lady Macbeth is obscured in accordance with her wishes.

Then we went home. But later, Mother called to say that Jan had been found alive and well!

Jan had called her, and when Mother told her about the events of the afternoon, Jan said "I told you I was going out with my relatives today!"

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Friday, November 25 2005

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Indian Giver

Yesterday, Yuko 'gave' me a nice round wooden tray to use for the coffee maker. She actually didn't give it to me, but asked for me to pay half the cost of it if I wanted to use it. I agreed.

But this morning, when I went to make coffee, I found it had been replaced by a cheap, primitive, flimsy tray!

When I quizzed Yuko about it she said that she was surprised I noticed the difference! I labeled her an Indian Giver and demanded the tray be returned. Yuko reluctantly agreed.

Solid wooden tray
Flimsy primitive tray

Keiko's Parents

Yuko went to Keiko's place today and met Keiko's parents who are visiting from Japan. She said that Keiko's mother likes me! This is despite (or perhaps because of) never having met me.

Keiko's parents


When I got home from work, Yuko was photographing a spider...

Yuko photographs a spider

I also photographed the same spider and we later compared the images one with the SLR and one with the tiny IXUS. Which is which?

Spider shot with an unnamed camera

Spider shot with a different unnamed camera

Another Lewd Act

The Japanese TV channel has been dominated by Sumo for the last few days. Tonight we saw two Sumo Wrestlers performing a lewd act.

Lewd act

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Thursday, November 24 2005

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Keiko's Parents

Keiko's parents are visiting from Japan and tomorrow Yuko will drive over to Keiko's place at Balmain to meet them. Keiko's father is a keen reader of Yuko's blog.

It's a long time since Yuko has driven over there, so this evening I drove her over there just to help her remember how to get there.

Victoria Road

Mighty Atom

Earlier in the day, Yuko bought an old Japanese book at the secondhand book-shop at Artarmon. It contains the cartoons of Osamu Tezuka, the dude who created Astroboy (known in Japan as Mighty Atom)

My Hero - Mighty Atom

It's interesting that some of the cartoons have some English text. It makes for some interesting reading...

Man of Tail

Mr Homo has be Destroyed!

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Wednesday, November 23 2005

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Nothing else happened today. So here are two previously unpublished images of an arse and a lewd act.

Zebra's Arse
Lewd Act

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Tuesday, November 22 2005

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Here's another picture of feet (actually one foot)...



In the evening, we took Mother to Colours of Thai at Mosman.

Colours of Thai

Yuko photographs the chicken

We thought the food was better than before and Yuko thought they must have a new chef. As we were leaving, she asked one of the staff and he said "Yes, the chef is from the Bangkok Hilton", which was surprising.

Mother gives the finger

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Monday, November 21 2005

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Sunday, November 20 2005

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Animals' Arses

Yuko wanted to go somewhere where there was something interesting to photograph with her shiny new camera. I suggested we go to Taronga Zoo to photograph animals' arses.


There were plenty of arses on show...

Zebra's Arse
Barbary Sheep's Arse
Gorilla's Arse
Camel's Arse
Rhino's Arse

We also wanted to see elephants, because you can't beat an elephant.

The elephants were surprisingly difficult to spot...

... but I found one eventually. They seemed so much bigger when I was a kid!

The zoo is also a good place to photograph lewd acts without being arrested.

Two animals perform a cross-species lewd act

As we were about to leave, Yuko ran into an old friend - Kauru, who was there with her daughter and grandchildren.


At the gift shop, Yuko bought a present for Belinda...

Leopard-skin Belinda

From Message
5300 Days Ago
Whoops - I wrote a posting for Monday, but it appears I forgot to publish it. I was probably drunk at the time.

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Saturday, November 19 2005

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Here's another picture of feet. I may soon have enough of these pictures for a dedicated gallery...


Parking Secret

On Saturday morning, the main carpark at Lane Cove is typically full to overflowing and people drive around and around looking for a space. But Lane Cove's best kept parking secret is this carpark...

Lane Cove's best kept parking secret

It's just a little further to walk to the shops, and is probably deserted because you have to buy a ticket at the machine in the foreground, while the main carpark is free. But in fact, the ticket machine never works, making it free too!


In the afternoon I went walking to get some exercise. I can't go cycling because the bike still has a flat tyre.

I crossed the Bridge of Death...

Crossing the Bridge of Death

And I saw two signs about dogs...

We're marking this event in our calendar

From Message
Laughing Mole
5302 Days Ago
Don't you have bicycle pumps in your world?

From Message
5302 Days Ago
Yes, but they were invented by a sadistic fiend as a practical joke on the poor flat-tyred cyclists who falsely believe that moving the handle back and forth will inflate a bicycle tyre!

What are bicycle pumps like in your world?

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Friday, November 18 2005

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Dogs in the Air

Yuko has been out taking pictures of dogs. In contrast to her usual practice of photographing their arses, she is now exploring a new style of dog-photography - airborne dogs. The following images have been heavily cropped and digitally messed with.

Airborne Dog
click for original image

Airborne Dog
click for original image

Yuko also spotted some escaped balloons fouling the power lines. Perhaps this explains some of our blackouts...

Fouling Balloons

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Thursday, November 17 2005

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Early Photo

Yuko was out taking pictures early this morning. Here she can be seen standing in the flower bed taking pictures. This picture also shows the huge wall our neighbours have recently built parallel to our brush fence. We like it because we'd rather look at an ugly fence than look at their heads going by.


We invited Mother for dinner at our house tonight, so I wanted to get home reasonably early. But the traffic was very slow in the Hunters Hill area and when an ambulance came by on the other side of the road with its siren on, I guessed there must be an accident up ahead. But alas, there was nothing except a couple of stretch limos.


There's nothing like gawking at other people's misfortune. Look at this a poor bastard...


I also had to do the shopping for the food we would serve to Mother, so I didn't get home until 7.39pm.

Despite this, the evening was successful.

Mother eating John Dory

We also ate cake...


From Message
5300 Days Ago
I was there that arvo for the car breakdown. I was trying to get a cab to Glebe.... Small world, but I wouldn't want to paint it!

From Message
5300 Days Ago
Me neither. You'd never get agreement on the colour.

From Message
5294 Days Ago
The uncle can paint it for you in stars and stripes.

From Message
5294 Days Ago
I'm sure our Prime Minister would approved of that color* scheme.

PS: You're not this Ron are you?

* American spelling used under fear of military occupation.

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Wednesday, November 16 2005

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Battery Debacle

I was driving to work and wanted to take a picture out the window of my moving car, when I discovered that I'd forgotten to put the battery in my camera!

Being unable to take pictures, I hoped nothing interesting would happen for the rest of the day. But unfortunately, something interesting DID happen!

Just after I left work in the evening, I came upon a scene of carnage. A car had rolled onto its side at the intersection where I get onto Victoria road. It was causing a major delay in my stream of traffic, so I did a U-turn before reaching the scene and went through the back-streets instead. If I'd been able to take pictures I would have continued to the scene and you'd be looking at the overturned car now.

New Camera

When I got home, Yuko was editing photos she'd shot with her new camera...

Photo Editing

Yes! The software to download images from the camera does work on Yuko's computer. Why doesn't it work on mine?

This is Yuko's best shot so far - a tiny portion cropped from a much larger image.

Yuko didn't notice the spider web until the editing phase!


Because yesterday was Tuesday, and we didn't go out, we went to Taiki tonight. Of course, Yuko played with her camera...

Japanese photographer with a Japanese camera in a Japanese restaurant.

Nikki freaked out - as usual...

Nikki freaking out

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Tuesday, November 15 2005

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New Camera

Today we made another attempt to pick up Yuko's new camera from Domayne. I left work just after 5pm and drove home in the rain.

Driving home in the rain

We got to Domayne just on 6pm (closing time) and Yuko got through the door just in time while I parked the car. The guy who showed us the camera on Sunday wasn't there - I wonder if he'll get his commission. But Yuko exited the store with a camera, two lenses and a 1GB CF card.

Exiting the store with the mechandise

When we got home, I was given the task of unpacking everything and learning how to use the device so I can teach Yuko - she doesn't read manuals.

The contents of the box

The rest of the contents of the box

I thought the camera might just work with my existing software. But it didn't, so I installed the software. The new installation of Zoombrowser works, but it still doesn't recognise the camera. I can't even see it as a drive.

It insists on having "previously installed compliant products", but

it won't tell me what these mysterious compliant products might be.

Error - I don't have compliant products!

So I tried the driver wizard and told it to look on the Canon CD for the driver. But it said the software I already had was better than anything on the CD...

So I am unable to copy pictures to the computer - and therefore unable to post any pictures taken with the new camera! But all is not lost - It might still work on Yuko's computer - but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Two photographers photograph each other

From Message
Laughing Mole
5306 Days Ago
Since it seems to fascinate you so much, I thought you'd like to know that the Death House has been sold. A little birdy told me, and I mosied past there this afternoon intending to take a picture, but the house was obviously inhabited and I was too scared of prompting a confrontation. No doubt this would not have stopped you.

From Message
5306 Days Ago
Thanks for allerting me to this. The price was $720,000 according to this article.

From Message
Laughing Mole
5305 Days Ago
"No doubt this would not have stopped you."

But a missing battery probably would have...

From Message
5304 Days Ago

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Monday, November 14 2005

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Yuko has decided to buy the new Camera. She wanted me to take her to Domayne after work to get it, but they close at 6pm and I calculated that I would have to leave by 5pm to get there in time.

But a series of small irritating bug in the program I was working on, prevented me from leaving by 5pm. Thus, Yuko did not get her camera today.


After work I went to Lane Cove to do some grocery shopping. I parked beside a car containing this animal...


I got out of my car, and the animal looked at me...

It had ears like those of a bat!

Then, it began digging a hole in the driver's seat...

Digging hole

From Message
5307 Days Ago
SmartyHost is on a nationwide quest to find Australia's best blog. All Australian bloggers can win the $10,000 cash grand prize by entering their blog in The SmartyBlog Awards. Registering your blog for The SmartyBlog Awards is easy, and it only takes 60 seconds. Simply go to:$10000.html Hurry up, entries close 28 November 2005.

From Message
5307 Days Ago
Share your price with me if you do win, although I doubt you would win anyway.

From Message
5307 Days Ago
Hello Anonymous,

Thank you for your suggestion. I will consider entering. I read the terms and conditions - it sounds dangerous...

"The Promoter ... shall not be liable for ... ...death or personal injury suffered or incurred ... in connection with this competition..."

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Sunday, November 13 2005

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Bird and Fruit

Yuko has some Japanese Apricots which she left outside in a basket to dry. However, this morning we noticed that a visitor was checking them out. Yuko was concerned for the safety of her apricots, but We're not sure if the visitor was really interested in eating them.

Bird checks fruit

Camera Shopping

Yuko has been inspired by the photographic prowess of some of her competitors in the blogosphere. To compete with them, she wants to upgrade to an SLR camera.

Chubba, who works at Epitome, recently bought a Canon EOS 350D and spoke highly of it, so we went to Domayne at North Ryde to inspect the camera first hand.

The new Domayne at North Ryde

Yuko tries the 350D

Without my restraining influence, I'm sure Yuko would have bought it on the spot. But I persuaded her to wait until we research it a bit more. The guy quoted us $1699 (which he said was the "sale" price), including two lenses.

Focusing manually

Music in the Park

The park at Tambourine Bay (just down the road from our house) is the site for an annual picnic with bands and stuff. After returning from Domayne we walked down and had a look. There was a band of kids playing and they sounded appalling. We didn't stay.

Band and appalled people.

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Saturday, November 12 2005

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Note: All photographs of artworks in this article (except one) were generously provided by an art loving reader.


Related articles:

Today we travelled to Bondi Beach to see Sculpture by the Sea.

Putting on sunscreen

Art lovers by the sea

A nice animal
A bad animal

Depiction of a lewd act
Compacted garbage


Big Chook!

Free water was provided for the art lovers
Free water


On the way home, I took the cross-city tunnel for the first time. It was an adequate tunnel.

The sign says "Toll Free Today"


In the morning Yuko forced me to take her to a garage sale.

Garage sale

She bought some plants. They were so big that we couldn't fit them in the car (Belinda). We had to return later with Mitsy to pick them up.

Mitsy laden with flora

Lane Cove Plaza was abuzz with traditional dancing. We don't know which tradition.

The Plaza viewed from the balcony of Epitome

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Friday, November 11 2005

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Here's another picture of some feet...



When I woke up and looked at the clock (which was flashing), it became apparent that we'd had a blackout during the night. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the blackout.

Yuko later confirmed that the blackout had interrupted her night blogging activities. Our Internet gateway machine, Sam does not automatically re-boot when the power comes back on, so I had to press this button manually...

Pressing Sam's button

Domestic Violence

After dinner, Yuko smashed some plates on the floor in a fit of rage...

Broken plates and a leg

VCR Surgery

One of my VCRs is slowly dying. Tonight the picture and sound quality became unacceptable. So, I pulled out an old VCR which I had stashed in the cupboard. I couldn't remember whether it worked or not.

When I plugged it in, I noticed that there was still a tape in it. Pressing the eject button produced a whirring sound, but the tape did not eject.

I decided to perform surgery...

Opening the VCR

The guts exposed

With the cover off, I connected the power and pressed the eject button again. I observed that the whirring sound was simply the head drum spinning. The tape was extracted and wrapped around the drum, but no other parts moved when I pressed the button.

I jiggled various bits to try to eject the tape manually, but to no avail - so I gave up.

I think it's tie to upgrade to hard disk!

The cassette firmly stuck in the mechanism

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Thursday, November 10 2005

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In the evening we went to Mother's house for dinner. We ate a chicken.

You can't beat a chicken!

Every time Mother has a blackout, the outgoing message on her answering machine gets erased. So tonight, I took my toolkit, and installed a new battery...

Battery replacement


The Queen of Sweden was on TV tonight - not at Cochlear, but in Adelaide. And yes, there was a bunch of kids there to greet her singing Dancing Queen.

The Queen (and some guy)

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Wednesday, November 9 2005

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Communication Equipment

Optus sent us a cardboard megaphone. Does this reflect their confidence in their telecommunications network?

Optus technology

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Tuesday, November 8 2005

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In the morning it was raining, and it was Tuesday. Whenever it rains on a Tuesday, we go to Bardeli's...

There was an octopus in Yuko's salad!

As Bardeli's has a good view of the Harbour Bridge and the City, we asked about their arrangements for New Year's Eve. They will have a special menu... $250 per person for a six hour eating marathon...

Because the chef likes Yuko, he said he will only charge us $200pp. We have not yet committed to the deal.
Note that this menu is for NYE 2006!

Arriving home, I activated the garage door opener.


I noticed that my former employer, Cochlear was in the news today, as the Queen of Sweden is taking an interest in the company.

Queen Silvia of Sweden with an ear on a plate.
Note - Image stolen from the SMH website.

Last night we also saw s program on NHK (the Japanese channel) which showed some Japanese kids with cochlear implants. The program was actually about cyborgs, and the CI was only mentioned as one example of how humans are turning into cyborgs!

From Message
Matthew Wadwell
5314 Days Ago
Guess who is coming over today.....
The Queen of Sheba, sorry - SWEDEN!

She'll be around this morning. Athough, thanks to the construction work taking place in the dungeon, I don't think that she'll be near my desk. (I hope! As I haven't tidied up!!!)

As to the cyborg "thing" - I have only one thing to say.....


From Message
5313 Days Ago
Did they play ABBA over the P.A?

From Message
Matthew Wadwell
5312 Days Ago
Sadly, No - no ABBA. (SIGHS)

It would have been funny though.....

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Monday, November 7 2005

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Traffic Incident

An incident occurred while I was driving to work this morning.

While queued in traffic at a red light, a biker stopped beside me and terrorised me with aggressive gestures and horn blowing. I cowered in fear, and was too shocked to take a picture. However, here is an artist's impression of the incident...

Road harassment incident

I thought this was an isolated incident. However, when I returned home, I discovered that the errant biker had also visited my house and left a calling card in the form of an optical media disk.

Biker's message

I am currently examining the contents of the disk before I decide whether to publish it, or forward it to law enforcement authorities.

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Sunday, November 6 2005

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No Epitome

We didn't go to Epitome today. Instead, I made coffee at home in the garden. We did not drink the coffee - it was purely for photographic purposes.

A kookaburra visited...

Kookaburra (in circle)

New Empress

The reason we skipped Epitome, was that we were going to the New Empress Chinese restaurant for lunch with Mother. This is the restaurant at Ermington which is located close to my workplace.

The New Empress

It was quite good - much better than Ying's as the staff were actually polite. Yuko did complain that the snow-pea leaves were a bit tough, but they said that's the way they are.

Darling Harbour

In the afternoon we decided to go and see an IMAX movie at Darling Harbour. Not a particular movie - we just went and took our chances.

The IMAX theatre is in a state of chaos. The area where the entrance used to be looked like it was hit by a bomb!

Imax Theatre
IMAX Theatre chaos

We arrived at the theatre at about 4.30pm and the next movie was Walking on the Moon at 5pm, so that's what we saw.

The movie was quite good, but there was a lot of old footage from the moon landings. I like seeing those old images, but when it's an IMAX 3D movie, I want to see more 3D IMAX images!

There were some good 3D re-creations and it seemed quite technically accurate. However I did notice that the Moon was noisier than one would expect in an airless environment.

After the movie we bought coffee at Starbucks and sat by the water to drink it.

Yuko took pictures through my glasses!

I also bought a cookie. You can't beat a cookie!

In Starbucks, they write your name on the cup when you order. They got Yuko's name slightly wrong.

Walking across the Pyrmont Bridge, we came upon the site where a jumper had discarded his shoes before plunging to his death.

Big Fridge Magnet

In the evening I dug out this big sheet of fridge-magnet material which I had stashed away. This was given to me several years ago by someone at CISRA and, as can be seen from the picture, I used a significant portion at that time.

I now have a use for some magnetic sheeting at work, so I began preparing it by removing the lettering. It was stuck on quite securely so I didn't get much of it removed. I will continue the task tomorrow.

Big fridge magnet
Removing the lettering

From Message
Matthew Wadwell
5316 Days Ago
(SIGHS) Peter,
you should know by now, when you say "you can't beat a ..." - that I will reply that you can!

For example, you said that you can't be a cookie - but you can! You just need a smaller stick!!!!

From Message
Matthew Wadwell
5316 Days Ago
Damn spell checker!

In the above comment, I said "you can't be a cookie".

While that might be the litteral truth, what I meant to write was that "you can't beat a cookie".

From Message
Laughing Mole
5316 Days Ago

If some weirdo harangues you while you're queued in traffic, but you don't get a picture, did it ever really happen?

From Message
5315 Days Ago

You can't be a cookie, regardless of the size of your stick!


For most of the day, I thought it was a dream. But then I found some physical evidence which suggests that something happened.

From Message
5311 Days Ago
the cookie looks like a dog turd

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Saturday, November 5 2005

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More Gawking

In the afternoon I decided to get some exercise by walking up to the tunnel collapse site to do some more gawking. They've put some sticks under it to hold the building up.

I continued my walk and saw these ironic posters on Epping Road...

I also found a short bushwalk that I'd never traversed before.

Bushwalk Sign

It was an incredibly arduous and hazardous track, but I made it through to the other end alive.

Hazardous Track

When I got back to civilisation, I came upon this site where a poor cyclist must have been brutally murdered and had his hands and feet hacked off...

And this bizarre dog-walking religious cult...

Humble dog-walkers' cult

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Friday, November 4 2005

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With the re-opening of Longueville Road, the morning traffic returned to normal. In fact it seemed lighter than normal.

Traffic at 8am

Home Brew

Meanwhile, Yuko went out to meet another of her Blog Friends - someone she previously knew only through mutual blog-reading.

The blogger gave Yuko a gift of some home-brewed beer made by her husband. We consumed a bottle after I returned from work. It was surprisingly good. Yuko is thinking about making some herself.

Home Brew

Yuko also bought this rain jacket...

Yellow rain jacket

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Thursday, November 3 2005

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The traffic chaos continued today with the road at the site of yesterday's collapse still closed. I didn't bother trying to leave early for work but just accepted that I'd be late. It turned out to be not as bad as yesterday, probably because people knew of the problem this time and many must have started early or taken alternative routes. But it was still pretty bad until I got out of Lane Cove.


Road Naming

The name of the section of road where the collapse occurred remains controversial. As a reader has pointed out, this UBD map from shows it as Epping Rd.

UBD on-line map

But this is what my old-fashioned paper UBD directory (2005 edition) says...

UBD paper map

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Wednesday, November 2 2005

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Collapsing Building

A collapsing building caused me to be late for work, and late getting home. I was late for work because of the traffic, and I was late home because I went to gawk at the building.

This event dominated the news all day.

In the morning, they were saying on the radio that the collapse had happened on Epping road (this turned out to be wrong) and that the road was closed. Therefore, the traffic was being diverted onto other roads - and one of them was a road that I travel on.

Gridlock at Lane Cove

Gridlock in the mirror at Lane Cove

After work, I went to Lane Cove to gawk. I parked in the village and walked up to the site which is on Longueville Road near the Pacific Highway.

This map from the SMH website incorrectly labels the road at the site of the collapse as Epping Road. That section is actually Longueville Road.

The city-bound lanes of Longueville Road between Epping Road and the Pacific Highway overpass were still closed when I arrived. The hole itself was not visible from my vantage point on the other side of the road, but I'd heard that they had filled it with concrete to prevent further collapse of the building.

The building

There was a party atmosphere as people gathered to gawk from the other side of the road.

The floor had fallen out of the corner room of one unit.

The media were out in force, hoping to film the anticipated collapse of the rest of the building.

Old Bread

When buying bread at the supermarket, I always check the use-by dates and pick out the bag with the latest date I can find. Today during my search at Coles, I found this...

Note the green bits

From Message
Matthew Wadwell
5319 Days Ago
Actually, according to the UBD map, the new "skylight to the tunnel" is on Epping road.

Check out to have a look. (Whereis uses UBD maps.)

And as to the people hanging around to see if the units collapse, perhaps I should go over and see if I can help.... (VEG)

From Message
5319 Days Ago
Yes, that's interesting. But I noticed that the map on the front page of today's SMH is now calling it Longueville Rd.

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Tuesday, November 1 2005

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Day of Horses

From Message
Matthew Wadwell
5320 Days Ago
G'Day Peter,
regarding you losing money on the gee gee's, what's that saying... A fool and their money are soon parted...

Oh well, better luck in the next 200 kg vegetarian quadruped race!

From Message
5320 Days Ago
There are many fools.
But of course, you might remember that I left Cochlear for less money, just a month before being eligible for the $1000 Employee share issue. So I'm accustomed to being a loser.

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