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Sunday, November 6 2005

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No Epitome

We didn't go to Epitome today. Instead, I made coffee at home in the garden. We did not drink the coffee - it was purely for photographic purposes.

A kookaburra visited...

Kookaburra (in circle)

New Empress

The reason we skipped Epitome, was that we were going to the New Empress Chinese restaurant for lunch with Mother. This is the restaurant at Ermington which is located close to my workplace.

The New Empress

It was quite good - much better than Ying's as the staff were actually polite. Yuko did complain that the snow-pea leaves were a bit tough, but they said that's the way they are.

Darling Harbour

In the afternoon we decided to go and see an IMAX movie at Darling Harbour. Not a particular movie - we just went and took our chances.

The IMAX theatre is in a state of chaos. The area where the entrance used to be looked like it was hit by a bomb!

Imax Theatre
IMAX Theatre chaos

We arrived at the theatre at about 4.30pm and the next movie was Walking on the Moon at 5pm, so that's what we saw.

The movie was quite good, but there was a lot of old footage from the moon landings. I like seeing those old images, but when it's an IMAX 3D movie, I want to see more 3D IMAX images!

There were some good 3D re-creations and it seemed quite technically accurate. However I did notice that the Moon was noisier than one would expect in an airless environment.

After the movie we bought coffee at Starbucks and sat by the water to drink it.

Yuko took pictures through my glasses!

I also bought a cookie. You can't beat a cookie!

In Starbucks, they write your name on the cup when you order. They got Yuko's name slightly wrong.

Walking across the Pyrmont Bridge, we came upon the site where a jumper had discarded his shoes before plunging to his death.

Big Fridge Magnet

In the evening I dug out this big sheet of fridge-magnet material which I had stashed away. This was given to me several years ago by someone at CISRA and, as can be seen from the picture, I used a significant portion at that time.

I now have a use for some magnetic sheeting at work, so I began preparing it by removing the lettering. It was stuck on quite securely so I didn't get much of it removed. I will continue the task tomorrow.

Big fridge magnet
Removing the lettering

From Message
Matthew Wadwell
5257 Days Ago
(SIGHS) Peter,
you should know by now, when you say "you can't beat a ..." - that I will reply that you can!

For example, you said that you can't be a cookie - but you can! You just need a smaller stick!!!!

From Message
Matthew Wadwell
5257 Days Ago
Damn spell checker!

In the above comment, I said "you can't be a cookie".

While that might be the litteral truth, what I meant to write was that "you can't beat a cookie".

From Message
Laughing Mole
5257 Days Ago

If some weirdo harangues you while you're queued in traffic, but you don't get a picture, did it ever really happen?

From Message
5257 Days Ago

You can't be a cookie, regardless of the size of your stick!


For most of the day, I thought it was a dream. But then I found some physical evidence which suggests that something happened.

From Message
5253 Days Ago
the cookie looks like a dog turd

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