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Wednesday, November 16 2005

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Battery Debacle

I was driving to work and wanted to take a picture out the window of my moving car, when I discovered that I'd forgotten to put the battery in my camera!

Being unable to take pictures, I hoped nothing interesting would happen for the rest of the day. But unfortunately, something interesting DID happen!

Just after I left work in the evening, I came upon a scene of carnage. A car had rolled onto its side at the intersection where I get onto Victoria road. It was causing a major delay in my stream of traffic, so I did a U-turn before reaching the scene and went through the back-streets instead. If I'd been able to take pictures I would have continued to the scene and you'd be looking at the overturned car now.

New Camera

When I got home, Yuko was editing photos she'd shot with her new camera...

Photo Editing

Yes! The software to download images from the camera does work on Yuko's computer. Why doesn't it work on mine?

This is Yuko's best shot so far - a tiny portion cropped from a much larger image.

Yuko didn't notice the spider web until the editing phase!


Because yesterday was Tuesday, and we didn't go out, we went to Taiki tonight. Of course, Yuko played with her camera...

Japanese photographer with a Japanese camera in a Japanese restaurant.

Nikki freaked out - as usual...

Nikki freaking out

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