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Sunday, July 31 2005

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Hair Drying

A few days ago, I lent my hair-dryer to Yuko. Mysteriously, when I got it back, it was not working properly. Since then, its performance has declined rapidly, to the point where I decided to pull the plug! So today we travelled to Chatswood to replace it. We inspected the merchandise in these two shops...

In Kmart, I decided that this sleek silver machine was the apex of functionality, beauty and economy.

The apex of functionality, beauty and economy.

Sleek, Silent, 2200 Watts of raw hair-drying power

When we got home, We both tested it and decided that it is powerful enough to meet our hair-drying needs...

From Message
6019 Days Ago
You don't have much hair to dry.

From Message
6019 Days Ago
I don't only use it on my head.

From Message
5410 Days Ago
rxgkrskq zgybocbc amphlzjx [URL=]abhaszct[/URL] xfbmkwib

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Saturday, July 30 2005

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Sin City

The streets are blacker than a coal-mine at midnight. A streetlight hovers over an icy pool of white. Your every footstep echos like a gunshot through the darkness. You feel nothing but the invisible eyes at every window, piercing your flesh like knives. The cop on the corner is your worst enemy, and everyone else wants you dead. The stench of death follows you like a hungry wolf. Your only friend is the piece in your pocket. You feel as confident as a palsy victim doing brain surgery with a pipe wrench. If you ever leave Sin City, it will be in a box, or the trunk of some pimp's car - if you're lucky.

Pontocho Debacle

After Sin City we wanted to have dinner at Pontocho. However we were unable to reach them on the phone to make a booking. We just got a message saying the number was disconnected!

So we went there and saw that the place was in darkness! It appears they have closed or moved yet again. So instead, we went to Taiki, which was a bit embarrassing because we just went there yesterday.

Mother at Taiki

Lewd Act

When we returned to the car, we saw a man performing a lewd act with a van.

Man performs lewd act with van

From Message
Laughing Mole
6022 Days Ago
Did Yuko use her camera in the cinema to obtain the Sin City images and video?

From Message
6022 Days Ago
The images were all shot from the cinema screen. Before the movie, I adjusted Yuko's camera to ISO 400 to reduce bluring. The resulting images were surprisingly good. However, the video is stolen from this site.

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Friday, July 29 2005

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Lewd Act

At Cochlear, I saw a man performing a lewd act in a door...

Man performs lewd act in door

I later showed the picture to the OH&S officer and asked if it complied with OH&S requirements. She just laughed.


In the evening, we went to Taiki. Heaters were lit...

And prawns were eaten...

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Thursday, July 28 2005

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Is this the world's second most famous Beetle?

Belinda, John Paul, George and Ringo

Free Food I

A training session in a nearby room resulted in free food being available for scavenging.

Leftover food

That's chicken on the left. I had a conversation with the employee pictured below, who derided the chicken saying that he refuses to eat chicken because of the substances fed to the birds. I told him that chickens are pumped full of hormones and that eating chicken these days is likely to turn you into a woman! But I still ate it.

An anonymous employee derides chicken while scavenging food

Free Food II

Today was the monthly big meeting with free food and beer etc.

It was held in an atypical location, near the production area, which gave me an opportunity to take a look at Cochlear's other table-tennis table. This is the one used by production people. It looks a bit older and more worn than the one I normally play on.

Production TT table

The other problem is that the room is a bit small. I think there would be a lot of crashing into walls, particularly when playing doubles.

Production TT table

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Wednesday, July 27 2005

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Fallen Tree

I parked in the park today, and walking up the bush track found my way blocked by a fallen tree. I had to duck to get past it, which was pretty arduous.




When I arrived home, the house was dark, the security light did not activate and the front door was open. I assumed there was a robber in the house, and took a picture of the open door...

Door open

However, it turned out that there was a mundane explanation. Yuko had been our walking. When she got home, she opened the door but rather than going inside, she went around to the back yard to do some spontaneous gardening.

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Tuesday, July 26 2005

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Lizard Hunter

Deep in the bowels of Cochlear, the Lizard Hunter gathers school kids into a tiny room and has them work for no pay, to manufacture items for sale at exorbitant prices to passing suckers or tourists.

Today, I was targeted by their marketing arm. I was offered this shopping bag for $6.00. Rather than the Cool Cat design, the school kids can place any words of my choice on the side. I have not yet committed to a purchase.


Because it was Tuesday, we went to Bardeli's with Mother.

Mother at Bardeli's


Yuko ordered mussels, but there were too many for her to eat and she had to ask for a doggy bag.

Yuko arrives home with her doggy bag


The Japanese guy, and and the Australian guy have finally started their little trip. I stayed up to see if they would get blown up, but they didn't.

From Message
6025 Days Ago

From Message
6025 Days Ago
Another death threat?

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Monday, July 25 2005

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Today I went back to work. When I saw my boss I told him "It's great to be back", which was not entirely true.

Nothing happened at work.

Dead Bat III

The dead bat which I first noted on June 25th, and which fell to the ground on or about July 11th, is still there!!

Rotting corpse

This rotting corpse is now at least a month old and it doesn't smell too good. There's never a vulture around when you need one!

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Sunday, July 24 2005

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Boat Trip

Yuko wanted something to write about in her blog, so we went to Manly by ferry.

Going to Manly by ferry


Encounter I

When we disembarked from the ferry at Manly, we saw a strange looking man with Japanese symbols displayed prominently about his person. Yuko had a conversation with him. He said he was German and that his job is to advertise Japan at various locations around Sydney. We decided he was just a loony.

Here's video in which Yuko interviews the Japan Man...

Video (4MB - WMV format)

Video (6.3MB - AVI format)

Encounter II

After buying my ferry ticket at the Quay, I was approached by a beggar who asked me for money. As I had the change from my ticket still in my hand, I gave it to him and decamped lest he bash me to death.

Then at Manly, moments after speaking to the loony, another man accosted me by placing a hand on me. I thought it must be another beggar - more aggressive than the one at the Quay. But lo! It was Vince, the American dude who was in my training class at Cochlear back in February.

I asked him what he was doing in this country, as it is not his place of residence. He told me that he just arrived today on a work-related visit. He was accompanied by two women who were apparently also from Cochlear in the U.S.

Toilet Restaurant

Our destination was the 'Toilet Restaurant' - the restaurant built on top of the toilet.

But despite this, it's a nice place to eat.




A Japanese tourist photographs the Opera House


On arriving back at the Quay, we decided to have some coffee. Yuko spotted a nearby luxury hotel (The Marriot), so we went in and relaxed in the lounge area.

The Marriot

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Saturday, July 23 2005

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We were woken at 7am when the bastards next door activated some kind of power tool and resumed digging their pool.

Digging machine

Later, Yuko peered over the fence in disgust.

Yuko peers over the fence in disgust.


In the afternoon we visited Mother for the first time since returning from our trip. We gave her the present we bought yesterday. I forgot to take a picture of it.

Mother waiting for us

It was too sunny for Yuko out on Mother's patio

Mother asked me to fix her radio. She has had this radio for about 30 years and the only thing wrong with it is a dodgy battery connection. I fixed it by scraping the contacts and stuffing a piece of aluminium foil into it.

30 year old radio

Fixing the radio


Yuko sent me to the supermarket to buy flour so that she could make bread. I gladly complied.



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Friday, July 22 2005

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Interview With The Fisherman

Here is a video of the events of three days ago, which has now finished post-production.

Plot synopsis: Yuko interviews a fisherman. He then walks into the water and his friend catches a sting-ray. What follows is an epic struggle between man and beast...

Video (4.9MB - WMV format)


It was back to perfect weather again this morning, but it was time to checkout and return to Sydney.

Perfect weather

We checked out early and then went to breakfast at Brand New Day.

Yuko places her electronic room key in the box provided

Simple Breakfast

We then bought a present for Mother at a nearby shop and headed for home. I wanted to get home by lunchtime because X XXX X XXXXXXX XXXX X XXXXXXXXXX XX XXXXXX XXXXXX XX XXX XXXX XX XXXX

The road to Sydney

We arrived home to find our house still standing and our fish still alive. However, when we entered the house, we discovered that some squid had been left out of the fridge. This required the opening of many windows and doors.

Arriving home

We then returned to mundane domestic life...

Changing a light-bulb

This lamp shade is one of the items Yuko bought at St. Vincent De Paul at The Entrance. It replaces the broken white one on the right.

New and old lamp-shades

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Thursday, July 21 2005

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Brand New Day II

We went back to the Brand New Day cafe for breakfast, and to try out their Internet facilities.

They've got some nice machines along the wall.

But Yuko took her laptop and connected to the wireless network.

The prices are a bit high, but it was worthwhile to try it.

As the weather was not good, we stayed at the cafe until lunchtime. Yuko worked on her blog, and I worked on my secret project.

Second Hand Stuff

Walking back from the cafe, Yuko spotted a St. Vincent De Paul shop, so we went inside. Naturally, some items were purchased...

Recursive Photography

Here's a picture showing the Noswonkys on the balcony...

And here's a picture showing the camera taking the picture showing the Noswonkys on the balcony...

And here's a picture of the camera taking the picture of the camera taking the picture of the Noswonkys on the balcony...

Well... it was raining!

Chinese III

Last night's Chinese meal was good, so we went back to Ho Court tonight.

We had an extended conversation with the woman who owns the restaurant. She asked Yuko what part of China she's from.

The food was excellent again...

Mongolian Combination
Seafood Combination


And the Moon rose over the ocean...

From Message
6031 Days Ago
Did Yuko reply "I come from the part of China that was invaded by Japanese forces during WWII"?

From Message
6031 Days Ago
She said nothing and just looked bemused. I then interjected with the correct answer.

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Wednesday, July 20 2005

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We found a nice cafe to have breakfast. It's called Brand New Day. Yuko got very excited when she discovered that they also have wireless Internet

Brand New Day

Ugly Bastard

Yuko and an ugly bastard

Real Estate

In a Real Estate agent's window, we noticed that they are selling apartments in the very building we are staying in. This one seems to be exactly the same as our room...



We drove over to the other side of the inlet - a sand-dune covered area which is on the opposite side of the entrance from where we went yesterday. Then we walked out onto the sandy peninsular.

Obligatory posed scenic photograph

The water was rushing out of the lake while we were there.

I became mesmerised by the erosion of the sand on the little peninsular we were standing on. The edge was being eroded away like a cliff-face as we watched. I shot some video of blocks of sand collapsing into the water. I may post it later as I am now on a narrow-band connection.

Erosion in action


Chinese II

For dinner, we tried another Chinese restaurant. It's called Ho Court and it is within walking distance from our hotel.

Ho Court. They claim to be the oldest Chinese restaurant in The Entrance - 45 years.

Noswonky peruses the menu

Sweet and Sour Pork

This restaurant was much, much better than the one we went to on Monday. The staff were actually Chinese, which is always a good sign.

The Ho Court staff - a Mother and Son team.

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Tuesday, July 19 2005

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Cowrie Coffee

No Breakfast

We skipped breakfast because we wanted to save our hunger for lunch. Instead we just made coffee in our room and drank it on the sunny balcony.

Coffee on the balcony

Yuko reveals some leg


In 2002 we stayed at nearby Avoca Beach (Yuko calls it Avocado Beach), and we visited a restaurant high on a hill at Terrigal. We went looking for it yesterday, and today we had lunch there.

Cowrie Restaurant

The outside looks primitive...

But it's all about the view.


In the afternoon we walked over to the actual "Entrance" which gives The Entrance its name.

This narrow gap joins Tuggerah Lake with the ocean. The water flows in and out twice a day as the tide goes up and down.

The water in the inlet is quite shallow. There were fishermen standing in the water...


Yuko spoke to this fisherman. He said they were catching "black fish".

Obligatory Posed Scenic Picture

As the sun sank slowly in the west, the shadows lengthened and the gibbous Moon rose high in the sky.

From Message
6032 Days Ago
The "Cowrie" - gee it's a small world. My wife and I got married in Terrigal, and _nearly_ had our reception in the Cowrie. Instead we went much better, and had our reception in a resturant overlooking the beach near the Skillion.

From Message
6032 Days Ago
Was it "Onda"?

From Message
6031 Days Ago
I can't remember. All I can remember of the Cowrie, was that it was a little small for a wedding reception, but that it had an excellent view.

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Monday, July 18 2005

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Sunrise at The Entrance


We had breakfast at "99", a cafe just a short distance from our hotel.


Blogger at breakfast


Our hotel

After breakfast we went and found the hotel pool.

The hotel pool. I think it's a bit cold for swimming


We went to Terrigal and mingled with the perlicans...

Pelican on a pole

Yuko photographs a pelican


We got back from Terrigal just after 3pm - just in time for the pelican feeding...

Feeding is at 3.30pm

Pelican Feeding

Pelican Feeding


On the way back from Terrigal we also kept an eye out for Chinese restaurants. We found one called Lantern Palace. So we made a booking and went back there later for dinner.

The Lantern Palace

Yuko had brought her small rice cooker from home. But when she tried to use it, it didn't work and she decided to throw it away. She had noticed a big bin near the Chinese restaurant, so before we went inside, she made a small detour. Rather than putting it in the bin, she put it on the ground "in case someone wants to use it".

Dumping the rice cooker

The Chinese place wasn't great. My Mongolian Chicken was OK, but the rice was soggy - and we didn't see a single Chinese person among the customers or the staff.

Lantern Palace

Yuko ordered a bean curd dish...

Bean Curd

From Message
Laughing Mole
6035 Days Ago
Auto focus

I'm a tad worried to see all the photos taken out of your car. Yesterday there were two of you in the car, so I guess the driver may not have been the photographer, but what about your previous in-car commuting snaps?

There has been a lot in the news recently about the hazards of phoning while driving, but I ask what about the risks of drive-by shooting of photographs? Is this likely to be a new rising problem to menace us all?

PS: If you let me know when and where you'll be driving, I'll know where to avoid.

From Message
6034 Days Ago
Fear not. I usually keep one appendage on the wheel while taking pictures from the car.

Taking photos from cars is quite common, and people are always sending me pictures they have taken while driving. Why, just today I received these images from a driving photographer...

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Sunday, July 17 2005

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Off-Site Blogging

After taking care of the day's important tasks - like having breakfast at Epitome and writing our respective blogs for yesterday - we jumped in the car and headed out of Sydney for a few days of off-site blogging.

Belinda was very hungry, so we fed her first

On the way we saw Belinda's twin

We timed this trip to coincide with the end of the school holidays, so the traffic was light in our direction.

Follow the sign...

We arrived at our destination at about 5pm - The Citigate Sebel Waterfront Resort. It seems that we chose the right time to come here. The room prices are 45% below normal. I guess it's the off-season.

They don't call it an "Ocean View Suite" for nothing.

Our room is very nice, with cooking facilities and other nice stuff

Being too lazy to go out exploring, we had dinner at the hotel restaurant. We chose the two-course menu for $29.95 per person.

Tides Restaurant


Of course, Yuko took plenty of photos of the food

Then she wrote her blog...

Off-site Blogger

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Saturday, July 16 2005

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Mother had a piece of her garden hose stolen again...

Mutilated Hose

As it it getting too short now, I took her up to Bunnings at Artarmon to buy a new one.

We will leave the remaining portion of the old hose in a place where hose thieves can find it easily.

New Hose


In the afternoon we went to see War of the Worlds with Mother.


Yuko took pictures of the screen as usual, but she got in trouble. A staff member came over and told her she was acting illegally. However, she got enough pictures for this summary...

Video (7.0MB)

After the movie we had dinner at a nearby restaurant - Peppercorn @ Cremorne.

From Message
6032 Days Ago
Peter, The missing hose is usually found nearby - attached to an orchie (orange juice) bottle...... Perhaps if you look around you might be able to find the missing sections and repair the hose. P.S. Why are you on holidays?

From Message
6032 Days Ago
I'm not enthusiastic about recovering the used hose from its resting place and performing hose surgery.

PS: I'm on holidays so that I can get some work done.

From Message
6031 Days Ago
You're not enthusiastic about performing a "hose job" - I guess that you never wanted to be a plastic surgeon then..... And the comment about being "on holidays so I can get some work done" is a little suspicious - does this mean that we should have 52 weeks of annual leave per year???

From Message
6031 Days Ago
I was referring to "work" on my secret project. However, the 52 weeks annual leave idea sounds good. I suggest you submit a proposal to management. But I suggest you don't push for leave loading.

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Friday, July 15 2005

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Due to excessive work commitments, I was unable to obtain coffee.


Today was perhaps the busiest day I've had at Cochlear.

In the morning, I attended a training session with my two co-workers and some other people. It was supposed to be three hours, but it ran for almost four.

The training included performing tests on two implant recipients who came in to act as guinea-pigs. We sanded their earlobes with sand-paper and attached electrodes to them with some goooey gel added to improve the electrical contact. I was reminded of the photos of Iraqi prisoners in Abu-Ghraib with electrodes attached to their bodies! However, in today's exercise, we only inflicted minimal pain.

In my job, I normally perform this test using an "artificial head" which is actually just a dish filled with salt water. So having a real person who talks back was a new experience.

Artificial Head

Then we had just a short break before our afternoon meeting, which ran for another two hours. At least there was food...

Meeting Food

I am now on leave for one week!






When I got home, Yuko was putting into practice what she learned yesterday at the bread-making class.

Rolling. Today Yuko tried a healthy gluten-free mixture.

Baking begins

Finished product. We ate some of them with dinner and they were very nice.

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Thursday, July 14 2005

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Pool Building

Last night our neighbour (of the water flouting family) knocked on the door. He told us they had started building a pool in their back-yard and he apologised for damaging our fence. He said they would repair it.

Damaged fence

Then, this morning the digging machine started up at 7.30am terminating our sleep.

Digging machine

The pool. But what will they fill it with?

Bread Making

Meanwhile Yuko and Keiko went to a bread-making lesson at Kensington.

Yuko and the Bread-Maker

The procedure

Yuko and Keiko making bread



The finished product

The consumer

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Wednesday, July 13 2005

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Media Rips Off Noswonky

The mainstream media today published this blatant rip-off of Noswonky's report of last Sunday's Tree Incident.


A Japanese guy, and and Australian guy...

...are going on a little trip together on this primitive flying machine...

I estimate there is a 1% probability they will get blown up, so I have to wake up at 5.30am tomorrow to gawk.

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Tuesday, July 12 2005

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After buying coffee, I saw a dead baby in a parked car.

Buying Goods

When Yuko looked at the notice-board at Tokyo Mart on Sunday, this advertisement caught her eye...

So tonight, before dinner, we went to the home of a Japanese family at Manly to inspect the goods in question.

It was a bit difficult to find the place, which was in a carefully concealed block of units.

A street in Many. - Yuko calls the seller on her mobile to get directions.

We eventually found it.

Our fax machine has a "7" key that doesn't work, so we can only send faxes to numbers that don't contain "7". For this reason, we bought this fax machine for $55...

And we bought this DVD player for $50...

Unfortunately, we can't collect them until August 15th, when the family goes back to Japan. Yuko also bought an electric food mixer and some video tapes, which we were able to take with us.

Video tapes

All the items (except the video tapes) were in near-new condition.

The apartment was primitive, but the block was a tall one and they had an Ocean view. This is not the ocean view, but the view from the other side of the building...

Not the ocean view


Because today is Tuesday, after returning from Manly, we went to Epitome. We did not see any European waiters with adorable accents.

Yuko photographs her food.

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Monday, July 11 2005

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Illegal Legal Music

Last night, I legally downloaded music for the first time from Bigpond Music.

Of course, I have downloaded illegal music on many occasions, but until now I had not bothered with any of the legal download services. This was because the files are in WMA format and my iPod can't play them. Further, although iTunes can convert WMA to MP3, the legal files are "protected" with DRM and iTunes refuses to convert them. However, I recently heard about an easy way to get around this problem. The method is simple, but illegal. I purchased four songs to test the scheme...

Purchasing songs legally

Then I performed some illegal acts, and soon I was playing the songs in iTunes, unencumbered by that woosy Digital Rights Management thingy.

Importing songs illegally

Dead Bat II

On June 25th, I wrote about this dead bat which was hanging from the power lines near the Noswonky residence...

The bat was still hanging there yesterday, but by this morning it had fallen to the ground...

Distant view of bat on the ground

Closer view of bat on the ground

Too close view of bat on the ground

Furniture Juggling

At Cochlear, some dudes attempted to juggle a big piece of furniture on the stairs. I stood by ready to take pictures if they dropped it, but they didn't.

Furniture juggling

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Sunday, July 10 2005

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Epitome Waiter

A reader known only as Anonymous has express an interest in an anonymous European waiter at Epitome. As he's not in our Epitome photo gallery, he must be one of these two guys. The first is Bart. I don't know the other guy's name.

Video (0.4MB)

Fish and Tree

We had invited Mother for dinner, so we went to Northbridge to buy fish. Yuko also wanted to check the notice board for items for sale.

Yuko peruses the board at Tokyo Mart

On the way back, we found Chandos Street at Crows Nest blocked by the police. We parked in a nearby side-street and got out to gawk.

Road blocked by police and emergency services.

The scene was closed off with police tape.

A tree had fallen on a car. The uprooted root gives an idea of the size of the tree.

There was a small crowd of people gawking at the scene.

Yuko took pictures too.

There was a TV camera crew who took up a position in the front yard of this house to get a better view.

The tree hit the driver's side of this vehicle. We saw it on the TV news later and learned that there was one person killed and another hospitalised in a serious condition.

When we arrived home, we found one of our trees was also down.

From Message
Laughing Mole
6042 Days Ago

I gather that whenever you come across some accident or misfortune you rush over to gawk and take pictures. What a sad reflection on today's society. You wouldn't catch me doing that.

From Message
6042 Days Ago
I know you wouldn't do it, but gawking and photographing the misfortunes of others is now a very popular activity. For example, just today I received an email from a gawker with the following image attached...

From Message
Epitome Luster
6039 Days Ago
Hi Mr Toto, Yep - thats him! .. Bart. You dont think he's cute? :) Hmm .. see he speaks abit of Japanese .. I like how you've put Yuko to work on chatting with him. Yuko seems a very friendly soul :) Many thanks again .. I may just have to pay another visit to Epitome !

From Message
6038 Days Ago
Well... if I were to rank all Epitome staff in order of cuteness... no better not.

Anyway, glad to be of service.

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Saturday, July 9 2005

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Epitome Coffee
Rocks Coffee

Marloo Sings

There was an Aboriginal blues singer in the plaza this morning.

Yuko took a lot of pictures and video of her and then, after the performance, engaged her in conversation.

Her name was Marloo, and she told us she has a radio program on Koori Radio, Sundays 10:00 to 12:00, on 93.7FM.


Here's the Marloo video. It's 2min11s so I used a lower than usual quality setting to keep the file size down.

Video (5.2MB)

Mary Reiby

Someone in Japan told Yuko about a nice cafe she had visited when in Sydney 15 years ago. It was at The Rocks and was (probably) called Mary Reiby's Cafe.

I couldn't find it in the White Pages so I guessed that it no longer existed. But we set out to find it anyway...

Our only clue was that there is a street called Reiby Place in the area of the Quay, so we went there...

Reiby Place

But it turned out to be bereft of cafes!

Reiby Place

We wandered around The Rocks flashing a $20 note at people and asking if they'd seen this woman, but nobody had...

Rocks Market

I had heard on the news that the U.K. flag was flying at half-mast on the Harbour Bridge, because of the bombings in London. However, when I looked, it was not at half-mast...

We gave up looking and rested at a cafe in the market area.


Yuko photographs the wedges

As we made our way back to the carpark, we spotted some Bridge-Climbers starting out on their journey along the horizontal spans...


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Friday, July 8 2005

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Blobby Planets

Laughing Mole sent me this image of three blobby planets. I don't think they are too blobby. Can you see three planets?

Blobby planets

Bus Incident

At lunchtime I caught the free shuttle bus to Lane Cove. It's called The Village Explorer which makes it sound a lot more exotic than it really is.

It's a stumpy little bus and it was almost full. As we waited to depart, the gaggle of Cochleans in the bus were looking out the back window to see if there were any stragglers running for the bus at the last minute. As a straggler approached, the Cochleans goaded the bus driver into starting to drive off, just to force the unfortunate pedestrians to run faster! The driver obliged, but then stopped to let the slow ones on board after all.


I looked at the driver and thought he looked familiar... maybe he was a former polititian... or someone I once worked with... I wasn't sure. The bus made its way to Lane Cove and I debarked and did some shopping etc.

Later, as I embarked again for the journey back to Cochlear, the driver (the same one) recognised me! He said "Hey! You used to play table tennis at North Sydney didn't you! Graham isn't it?"

I admitted that this was partly true. I then remembered him from the Table Tennis Club. I said "Your name is... your name is... the same as that other guy." And I was right.

Driver who has the same name as that other guy

Man 88

I then walked down to Blackman Park to put my shopping in the car. There, another guy approached me and engaged me in conversation. He told me that he used to come to Blackman Park to obtain spare parts for his car!

Spare parts warehouse?

This puzzled me, until he explained that many years ago the park was a place where hundreds of scrap cars were dumped and he used to scavenge parts from the wrecks.

He told me he was 88 years old, but I thought he only looked 85.

He began telling me the story of his life, which was, understandably, a long story! So I made an excuse to terminate the conversation and debarked into the bush. As I made my way back up the bush track I took a picture of the ancient scavenger...

88 year-old car-part scavenger

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Thursday, July 7 2005

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The poisoned chocolates have been removed from the Cochlear machines.


Yuko went to Chatswood and shot some video of a Takoyaki (octopus balls) stall and a guy playing guitar. Then she forced me to make an edited version for her blog.

Video (1.7MB)

Death Threat

I've cycled to work the last couple of days. Yesterday when I arrived, my boss saw me and laughed at my attire and my woosy-white legs.

Then, when I was leaving, a co-worker saw me cycling out of the carpark. He yelled at me to wait so that he could run me down with his car. I therefore decamped ASAP.

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Wednesday, July 6 2005

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Fifi has lost four of her five feet...

Fifi's Missing Foot

I decided to perform surgery and restore Fifi to full health.

Prosthetic Feet

The operation went well and Fifi is recovering...

After the Operation


At 9.45pm in the Noswonky world, there was a blackout...


However, we both continued blogging by the light of our computer screens and a couple of candles. But although we continued blogging, we were unable to publish as our internet connection was unavailable. Hence, this posting is late.

Yuko and Dixie

Me and Fifi

I also used the darkness to take some pictures of the wonders of the universe and our garden umbrella...

Universe and Umbrella

The blackout ended at about 12.30am.

From Message
6046 Days Ago
Hello, Taiki & Epitome sound like 2 of your favorite eateries. Admittedly after noticing them on your blog I went to try them out. Taiki had great food, but found it abit pricey for what you get. Epitome - know the staff well ? I was there the other saturday and noticed one of the waiters was rather cute .. i think he was european .. do you know him ? is he single ??

From Message
6046 Days Ago
There are at least two European waiters at Epitome. One is Polish and one is Hungarian. Is he in the photo gallery? We probably know the waiter you are lusting after, but I'm not up-to-date on the marital status of all the staff.

From Message
Laughing Mole
6045 Days Ago

There was no blackout in the Mole world this week, but I tried to take some dark pictures anyway. I'm impressed with your star-field pictures, because my attempts usually result in blobby smudges. The silly camera doesn't seem to be able to get the focus right. By way of example, I've emailed you a pic I took this week of blobs Venus, Mercury and Saturn (the very faint pink blob near the streaky tree - probably not visible to your readers if you put it in your blog).

From Message
6045 Days Ago
Epitome Staff Nope ... he's not in your photo gallery.

From Message
6044 Days Ago
Mr Mole,

Thank you for the picture. I have posted it in today's entry (8th July).

From Message
6044 Days Ago

In that case, it must be Bart the Polish guy. Unless your're mistaken about him being European, in which case it might be Daniel, who is probably cuter (not that I find men cute). But I saw Daniel and Klaudia (she's in the gallery) hugging last week, so you might have some competition.

From Message
6043 Days Ago
Hmm - he's def. european, has an adorable accent. Thanks anyway !

From Message
6043 Days Ago
Stand by. I will post a video today, of a European waiter who is not in the photo gallery.

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Tuesday, July 5 2005

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Poisoned Chocolate

A sign finally appeared on the vending machines. Fortunately, the number of employees hospitalised before the signs went up was negligible.


Warning Sign


In the morning, Yuko said "Today is Tuesday!"

So we went to Taiki...

I took along a bottle of Mad Fish and Yuko ordered Grilled Mad Fish Face.

Mad Fish

Really Mad Fish

Yuko photographed my food which was not chicken or fish....

Yuko photographs my food

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Monday, July 4 2005

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This is one of the vending machines at Cochlear...

Both the machines I checked were still selling the potentially poisoned products...

I considered placing a sign on the machine to warn other employees that they might die if they eat these chocolate bars. But I didn't.

I'm a Bastard

Meanwhile, one of my co-workers read this blog, and concluded that I'm a bastard. His exact words were "you're a bastard!"

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Sunday, July 3 2005

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Live 8

I watched the Live 8 concerts last night until about 2am.

They were asking people to SMS their names to be displayed on the 'ticker' running across the bottom of the screen...

So the boring list of names was scrolling by, when suddenly I noticed something odd, and I don't mean Bjork...

Odd message on ticker

It seems that people were sending SMS messages containing more than just their names, and nobody was checking the text before allowing it to be displayed on the broadcast!

Then I saw something else that probably should not have gone to air. Someone offered their own solution to the problems in Africa...

A little later, the ticker disappeared. When it came back, they had changed the instructions from "SEND YOUR NAME TO..." to "SEND YOUR NAME ONLY TO...".


In the afternoon we went to see the movie Batman Begins with Mother.

It's the story of a guy who seeks revenge for the death of his parents. But when his quest for revenge is thwarted, he decides instead to don fancy dress, buy a lot of gadgets and to drive around in an unregistered air-conditioned beach buggy.

Ready for the movie


When we discussed it later, we agreed that we hated most of it and didn't understand the rest.

Discussing the movie afterwards

After the movie we went to Crows Nest to have a very late lunch at a noodle restaurant. Unfortunately, the restaurant we had in mind was just closing when we arrived. 4pm is not a good time for finding an open restaurant! Yuko asked her hairdresser (whose shop is nearby), if there were any eating places open. The hairdresser recommended this one...

Chicken Shop

The meal looks primitive, but it was adequate to satisfy our hunger.


A bird eyed us as we ate his cousins...


From Message
Laughing Mole
6049 Days Ago
Batman Begins With Mother

Wot - no clips, no stills, taken surreptitiously[1] from the big screen? I feel cheated.

1: ie, with flash turned off

From Message
6049 Days Ago
Mr Mole

You are a very demanding reader. The Batman picture I posted was indeed shot by Yuko from the big screen (with the flash turned off). But here are some more...

From Message
Laughing Mole
6048 Days Ago
My apologies. It's just that the Batman pic included in your blog was so professional looking, I naturally assumed it was a promotional image released to advertise the movie.

PS: Is it time yet to sell my Cochlear share?

From Message
6048 Days Ago

Yuko is very happy that her picture fooled you.

Cochlear Share

I'll tell you when.

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Saturday, July 2 2005

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Poison Threat

I haven't eaten a Mars Bar for years, but yesterday at Cochlear, as I gazed into the vending machine, I was tempted to try one. I thought for a few moments and then opted for a Cherry Ripe instead.

It was only later that I heard about the threat to poison Mars and Snickers Bars. I think I made the right choice.


It rained again, but only in the afternoon. The weather in the morning was fine and sunny, so we sat outside in the plaza for breakfast.

The Jazz Buskers were playing again...


Yuko left me there while she went shopping. She bought some more fish...

Return from shopping

More Fish

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Friday, July 1 2005

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I had an important meeting at the uncivilised time of 9am! So I missed the coffee truck and had to drink water instead (from an environmentally unsound cup). The food at the meeting was also primitive, as can be seen from the photograph!

Chinese Noodles

Yuko went to Chatswood and visited a noodle shop in Lemon Grove.

The noodle man shows a picture of himself from last week's Weekend Herald

Making Noodles

Video (2.3MB)

Yuko also bought some dumplings and brought them home for me. They were good!

Dumplings (similar to Gyoza)

Water Re-cycling

Mother, being a good citizen, has made good use of the rain by collecting water in a big bucket (actually a garbage bin) for re-cycling.

Mother's water storage tank


Then, in the evening, Yuko suddenly turned green...

From Message
6040 Days Ago
eeeeyyyyyaaahhhhhhh ... it burns me eyes

From Message
6036 Days Ago
I see you are still alive :-p are turning a bit cynical in your old age Noswonky!! Like your astrononmy shots though. I didn't have time to review the previous 13.6 terabytes of blogness to divine the camera you used and any special tricks. I've been playing with mine (camera as well) and have rediscovered the joy of doing long time exposures whilst painting things with torches.

From Message
6036 Days Ago
I have indeed become a cynical bastard.

The camera is an IXUS 40, 4 Megapixel device. Maximum exposure time is 15 seconds, which I find a bit limiting. Doesn't allow much time for torch painting!!!!

Are you still using that Canon SLR?

From Message
6036 Days Ago
You have a good memory for a cynical bastard Noswonky... I still have the aged Canon SLR - I suspect the foam is perishing internally but it still appears to work. Nothing like the sound of a prism flicking through at a 1/1000th of a second, exactly when you press the button. I took it to the cricket last year and I enjoyed being able to use a real lens. I am now using a Canon A70 most of the time. Will need to upgrade to a digital SLR at some stage...might need sign-off from the project manager though as it does not figure high in the priorities of life. Apart from being out of date 2 days after purchasing, the A70 also has the "so much for a "B" setting option" of around 10 - 15 seconds (from memory)...

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