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Thursday, December 9th 2004

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No coffee today! Instead, a picture of the tree at the entrance to the Cochlear reception area.


Tech Writing Course

The first day of the training was good. There was no play-doh. However, we did get colouring pens.

When we had to introduce each other in the ice-breaking exercise, one guy claimed to be a juggler. So the teacher (who prefers to be called a facilitator), pulled out some juggling balls and asked the guy to juggle. He was not of a high standard and I could have easily humiliated him right there. However, I decided to allow him his moment of glory. Maybe I'll humiliate him tomorrow.

The training room with no people

As usual, there was lot's of nice food provided. One plate contained sushi which was only of medium standard.

The main thing I learned from the course today is that you should never call a spade an implement of excavation.

Tomorrow we will talk about commas.

More Decorations

When I came back to my desk at lunch time, [Name Omitted] was putting up the decorations in our area. Quite spectacular!

I demanded we get a life-size animatronic Santa and sleigh with reindeer. She's going to check the budget.


Mother took us out to the Thai place at Mosman. That makes two nights in a row going out and getting drunk and bloated. (Actually I limited my alcohol intake to a responsible level.)

Mother told us that she and Jan had gone to the Art Gallery to see the new $4 million painting they have just purchased. She said it basically a black background with not much else. Later, when I showed her the picture of Laughing Mole's light display, she said it resembled the $4 million painted very closely.

First course

Christmas Lights

I have not yet powered up our Christmas lights. But after dinner, we drove around Riverview to check the displays of other houses. It was quite pathetic. This was the best we found...


Here is a picture of a tree...

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