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Monday, December 6th 2004

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When I got home, our new garbage bin had arrived at last! And with it, the green waste bin Yuko ordered from the council. Total cost: $140.

In order to minimise the chances that a bin will be stolen again, we decided to paint our house number on them. Yuko located a can of ancient white paint in the garage. The lid had to be mangled with a chisel to get it off.

Then a 1cm thick scum of dried paint had to be removed from the surface before a yellowish watery liquid was revealed. I was skeptical that this would still function as paint, but we gave it a try.

Yuko sacrificed a teri-yaki sauce brush and I began painting...

Yuko soon joined in using a stick as a brush.

It was quite difficult at first because of the watery texture of the paint and the substandard brushes. However, as we continued stirring the paint it became thicker and more and more like real paint. We started getting a good thick white coverage.

Then, when we had almost finished, I found a set of paint brushes!

We continued painting... on into the night. The final result...

They lie on their backs so that the paint doesn't run.


Last night our next-door neighbours went live with their Christmas light show.

I had intended to get ours switched on tonight, but the bin painting took precedence. I was only able to survey the existing circuits and locate a couple of power supplies which I moved into the central light control room (otherwise known as the laundry).

Most of our lights are still in place from last year (and the year before), so it's mainly a matter of powering them up and seeing how many still work. There's one set that is strung up around the guttering which has been ther for about five years. Every year fewer and fewer bulbs work. I'll try to power them up tomorrow and see if there are enough bulbs still working to make it worthwhile.

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