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Monday, December 27th 2004

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We are off to Kiama...

But first the fish had to be hospitalised, for the duration of our absence.

The fish live in the pond, while being protected from wildlife by a plastic container and a net.

We started out at about 12:20pm.

We bet $1.00 on how many Belindas (new Beetles) we would see today. I guessed three, while Yuko guessed two; closest wins.

Yuko took many, many, many photos on the way...

Yuko taking one of several hundred photos

Including this one...

A fat arse

We stopped at Sublime Point to admire the view.

Somewhere around Albion Park the traffic slowed to a crawl and it stayed like that for a long, long time.

It was 3pm and we were hungry so we decided to get out of the gridlock and stop at McDonalds for a late lunch.

When we got back on the road the traffic was still crawling. There were signs indicating roadworks, but we never saw anything in particular that was holding up the traffic. It just suddenly started flowing again and the true cause of the delay remained a mystery.

We eventually arrived in Kiama almost four hours after leaving home.

The Kiama Terrace Motel

Belinda at the motel

Almost as soon as we got into our room there was a deluge of heavy rain.

The view from our balcony

We were tired and it was quite cold outside. We didn't want to walk far, so we went to dinner at the motel restaurant, the Fishbone. It was adequate.

The Fishbone




During dinner I conceded that we hadn't seen any Belindas all day! I therefore had to pay up...

Paying my debt

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