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Sunday, December 26th 2004

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Boxing Day

Boxing day is the most relaxing day of the year, and a day for more woosy musings on coffee and cafés.

Lane Cove was almost deserted...

But Epitome was open and although the upstairs section was supposed to be closed, they allowed us to sit on the balcony.

It was so nice that we stayed for about three hours and had breakfast and lunch! I played an 89 move chess game against Fritz (a computer program) which ended in a draw by insufficient material.

We were there so long that the waiter who was looking after us went home and nobody remembered we were up on the balcony. Yuko had to call them on her mobile to request a new waitperson. Klaudia was assigned to us and we added her to our photo gallery of Epitome staff...

The very friendly Klaudia

We also observed some people down on the ground who seemed to be still using film...


In the late afternoon I went Cycling in the College as I felt that I should get some exercise. Yuko was too busy watering the garden so she didn't come with me. I also dropped in and said hello to Mother who was also watering.

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