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Saturday, December 18th 2004

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Today's coffee picture is deferred to make way for this party image

Today's blog is devoted to the Cochlear Christmas Party. Accounts of the other exciting events of today have been deferred. Come back tomorrow to read about:

Cochlear Christmas Party


The party was held at the Convention Centre at Darling Harbour.

Before going inside, we milled around at Cockle Bay. As usual, there was a juggler with an American or Scottish accent. This one was a big fan of audience participation. I guess getting them to participate shames them into giving money at the end.

There were three parties happening on different levels. We probably could have gone to any of them.

That middle one sounds a bit scary... HR people in masks!!!

Obligatory photo with Christmas Tree

Before the doors were opened, we milled in the foyer as drinks were served. By 7.15pm there were a lot of people milling.

Is this dress inside out or what?

The first person I engaged in conversation was the guy pictured below. He doesn't work for Cochlear, but his wife does. He was my boss for a couple of years back in the mid 1980s.

I said "G'day Len. Do you remember me?" He didn't. I reminded him of the context... "Telectronics... 1985... Rework department... Peter...?" At that point he had a flash of memory; "Peter Stanton?" he said. "No" I said, "He was the gay one."

Len (who eventually remembered me), Catia and Noswonky

They opened the doors into a dark magical world and the people streamed in.

The view from inside

The room was huge. Even with 62 tables of 10 people each, there were still huge empty areas.

Empty space


There was food.


My colleague Kostas forced me to eat more food.

The main course was Thai and there was also non-Thai.



People and Dancing

This is our Christmas attire.

But as expected, the Christmas attire of most of the guests was sub-standard. Only a handful of people wore Christmassy stuff. The best were these antler-wearers...

Of course, all Cochlear events are swarming with audiologists.

A gaggle of audiologists

Of course there was dancing...

There could possibly be an ex-CISRA person in this picture

Things got very yellow at times

The dance floor


Click the play button to set the mood for this section...

There were two bands, both of which were of a good standard. The repertoire of both bands was pretty much pre-1985.

First, there was Stapedial Reflex, a band whose members are all employees of Cochlear. Of course, being a Cochlear band, their name is taken from a medical term related to the ear. They did a reasonable version of Dancing Queen and Yuko liked it.

I might start my own rival band to compete with them. I will call it Skin Flap Infection.

Stapedial Reflex

Stapedial Reflex

Stapedial Reflex

The other band was Network, a band whose members are not employees of Cochlear. Of course, being a non-Cochlear band their name has nothing to do with medical terms or the ear.




At 10:45pm, Santa arrived. He had a "nice" list of people he had presents for. He didn't have anything for us! I assume that means we wer on his "naughty" list.

Yuko and the Man in Red

Even More Photos

The rest of the photos are here!

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