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Wednesday, December 15th 2004

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The party details were posted on the wall today. There will be 620 people. There was a list of the people attending, and also a list of the people who are not attending. I guess this is so that everyine knows who the PIKERS are so they can be mocked and ridiculed.

We are on table 13, which seems appropriate. I was interviewed by Cochlear on the 13th, I started work at Cochlear on the 13th - exactly 13 months after being sacked by CISRA - on the 13th.


I had my PDR - which stands for Something... something... Review. It's basically the regular performance review. For me it was a review of my first three months. I got a Full Performance rating which means that I haven't done anything really bad yet.


Because I was too lazy last night, I did not charge Mitsy's battery and so Yuko gave me a lift to work again.

Because I was carless, at lunchtime I tested the Village Express which is a little bus that shuttles between Lane Cove shops and the Industrial Area. Being a free service, It's very popular...

I was the only person on the bus (both ways)!

After work I charged Mitsy's battery. I haven't tried starting the engine so I don't actually know if it worked; I'll try it in the morning.

Green Tree

Mother is coming to dinner tomorrow, so I thought I'd better get the Christmas tree up. It is a 'green' tree in the sense that it did not have to be killed.

The balloons have been up there since Mother's birthday in October!

Then I wrote the blog...

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