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Tuesday, December 14th 2004

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Today's coffee image was supplied by Yuko.

Mitsy Sick

In the morning, Mitsy refused to move (the battery again). So Yuko gave me a lift to work.

Yuko prepares to return home after dropping me in the general vicinity of Cochlear

Which reminds me... it's 11pm and I haven't put Mitsy's battery on charge! I think I'm too lazy to do it. The battery charger is being used to power Christmas lights and it's not a trivial matter to switch back. I guess I'll walk to work tomorrow.


Yuko went to lunch at Balmoral with Seiko.


It is to this that I owe today's coffee picture. Here's another one...

Coffee (or Tea) and Sea

They went to the Bather's Pavillion which is where we have had breakfast on several occasions. You can't beat that view.

Dead Bunny

After returning from lunch, Yuko went out walking and met these three girls...

... who gave her this note...

If I had been there I would have informed them that their fluffy bunny is now a stiff; bereft of life; it rests in peace; its metabolic processes are now history; off the twig; kicked the bucket; shuffled off his mortal coil; run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisibile!! It is an ex-bunny!!

But I wasn't, so I didn't.

Lights IV (or some other number)

The hoisting of the light-snake continued...

Throwing the ball in a sock over the roof

The landing

Pulling the snake into position

The snake is almost in postion

The final result

This is why we can't sign the Kyoto Protocol.

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