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Saturday, November 6th 2004

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Breakfast Hack

Belinda was very hungry so we gave her a $50.00 breakfast.

Then we had breakfast at Epitome, as can be seen from the coffee photo. I took my computer (Fifi) so that I could write yesterday's blog which was late due to laziness the night before.

Then I decided to check for wirless networks in the area. I found one, and connected to it. I was then able to get an internet connection through SwiftDSL! So not only did I write the blog, but I also uploaded it.

Don't tell anyone.

Car Chase

It was reported by various news sources today, that Sydney is the car chase capital of the world.

So, appropriately I decided to get involved in a car chase today.

After breakfast, I went to Chatswood to get my hair cut. I parked in Chatswood Chase, and later when I was leaving to come home an incident occurred.

As I was waiting in the queue to exit the carpark, the car two cars in front of me was struck in the side by a car which was reversing out of a car space. I was not in a position to see if there was any damage to the passive vehicle, but it looked like a significant impact.

I assumed that the two drivers would get out and exchange details. However, the car that was struck moved forward a bit, and the other driver reversed out again, drove around his victim, and exited the carpark through the boom gates as if nothing had happened. Meanwhile, the woman in the car that was hit had got out and was manipulating a mobile phone. I'm not sure if she was making a call or trying to photograph the hit-and-run driver as he made his escape but she looked a bit shocked and frantic at the sight of the other car driving off.

I also drove around the stopped car and followed the runner out the boom gate. As I did so I got a look at the victim's car (not the damaged side) and saw that she was a P-plater. Probably the parents' car too. I then chased the bastard as he criss-crossed through the back streets of Chatswood and then Artarmon.

I think it was an old man and he seemed to be quite aware that I was following him as he kept looking in his mirror. And that fact that I was driving a bright yellow Beetle made me pretty hard to miss.

The chase was not high-speed, but it seemed he was trying to lose me. At one point he made a right turn at traffic lights through smaller than usual gap in the oncoming traffic, pobably hoping I would be held up behind him and he could get away.

He eventually parked in the street at Artarmon station and I pulled up beside his car and shot this picture in the hope that it would be enough to indentify him...

It was my intention to report this to the Police when I got home. However Yuko told me not to as it would cause trouble. I'm still thinking...


Yuko wanted to see the film Twilight Samurai and I had been unable to find it screening anywhere as it seemed to have finished its run in theatres. However, Yuko found this clipping in the Japanese newspaper saying that it was on at the Japanese film festival in the city at 6.30pm.

So we planned to go today. Before leaving home I asked Yuko for the address so I could check it in the street directory. However I was unable to find the street in the directory. I then visited the web site and, after some digging, confirmed that we would have to take a plane to get there in time. It was in Melbourne!

We decided not to go.

So instead we went...


In the grounds of St. Ignatius College.

The Big Scan

Yuko's scanning project is progressing. Tonight I was pulled in to do some work. I had to put the photos from our 1996 Tasmania trip into the correct sequence and label them with dates. A real test of the memory!

From Message
Laughing Mole
6229 Days Ago
I think that if you take long thinking, then even if you do report it to the Police it will be too late. If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere well it were done quickly. I don't see how it would cause trouble. At worst the police won't (be able to) do anything. Otherwise it may help the victim driver. If the molemobile was crashed into, and someone reported the interloper to the police, I'd be thankful for it.

From Message
6229 Days Ago
Well... at worst, I would have to go to court as a witness and the perpetrator would take out a contract to have me killed.

Actually we had some experience with a very similar incident a few years ago. We had to go to Hornsby and spend a whole day in court! And we discovered that courts have no interest in finding the truth. After that I became a cynical bastard.

My other court experience last year only reinforced this.

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