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Saturday, September 25th 2004

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The Clock

A few days ago Yuko received the quotation from Parker Time to fix her French Clock. It was about $1400. This price included both mechanical and cosmetic operations (polishing the case), so Yuko decided to skip the cosmetic stuff and just get the clock working.

But even so, the quote for just the mechanical fix came to $875. So today I took her over there to haggle.

I waited outside while Yuko went in because she haggles better alone. However, she was unable to get the price reduced at all. I suspect that in Hunters Hill people just pay whatever is quoted and so the clock shop people have no experience of customers haggling.

Yuko agreed to the $875.

Yuko at the door of Parker Time.

Hunters Hill

Since we were at Hunters Hill anyway, we went to eat eggs at Bardeli's.

Then we went down to Clarkes Point for a walk.

I had to take a picture of this sign. Imagine catching a Great White Shark while fishing at Clarkes Point, and then, Carefully Returning it to the water!

Here is a short video clip in which we discuss the sign. However, it's 8Mb so it's not really suitable for dialup connections.

Elvis Sighting

On our way back from Hunters Hill we spotted Elvis...

So of course, I parked the car and went over to meet him.

Noswonky meets The King


At about 3pm I noticed that our next-door neighbours were once again blatantly flouting the water restrictions. There was a woman in their back yard using a hose to clean some items which looked like the insect screens from their windows which had been taken down and were leaning against the fence. Of course hosing of hard surfaces is banned completely, not to mention that hosing of any kind is banned on Saturday!


In the afternoon we went to see the movie Zatoichi with Mother.

It's the story of a transvestite and his sister who roam the country seeking revenge for the killing of their family. Meanwhile, a blind masseur roams the country slicing people to bits with his sword, which he conceals in his cane. Of course, their paths cross, resulting in a massacre.

Actually it was a bloodbath from start to finish. Plenty of fights with blood gushing and dismembered limbs flying through the air. Afterwards, Mother commented that more people were killed in this movie than in the Iraq war.

Before the movie started we endured the usual ads. During a McDonalds ad, Mother told me that one of the "kids" in the ad was her next-door neighbour Matthew. It's the one where a group of teens are sitting eating the spicy burgers and trying not to admit how much pain they are in. The "kid" in the ad is actually about 20. His mother told Mother that he got paid $1400 for appearing in the ad, which took 5 hours to shoot.

We then went home and had coffee and Shu-Creams, which Yuko had cooked.

We gave Mother one to take home.

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