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Thursday, August 12th 2004

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The Noswonkys welcome a new reader from Macquarie Bank.

NBC Lesson

Yuko's new course at NBC had its first practice lesson today. The regular sessions will not start for a while, but today was like a test event. It was a chance to try out the venue, (The Crows Nest Centre), test the children's response, and an opportunity to take some pictures for XXX XXXX XXXXXXXXXX XX XXXXXXX

First we picked up Momoko, a potential student, at St. Leonards. Before the Children arrived, she practised reading a story to a Japanese business man.

Business man hears a story about Big Bird and Little Bird.

Seiko will be Yuko's assistant teacher in the course, so today she taught part of the lesson.

Who is that idiot in the background?

Seiko plays a card game with the children.

Then I played a couple of songs.

I also provided the music for a game of Musical Chairs.

Momoko also did part of the lesson.

The children seemed to enjoy the lesson very much. However, some of them, particularly the older ones, were obviously very good English speakers. Probably too good for our purposes!


After that, we were both tired so we went to Ponto Cho to eat Sushi and drink Sapporo.

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