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Umbrella Story - Part 2

The girl with the ugly tattered umbrella grew
into a young woman. But she remained bitter and
resentful for the ridicule she had received from
her peers and her father's refusal to buy her
a new umbrella.

When the girl finished her school days, she flung
her ugly tattered umbrella into the river and,
as she stood on the river bank, she cried out:

"As God is my witness, I'll never be seen with
an ugly tattered umbrella again!"

The young woman went to University and got a job.
As soon as she had enough money, she bought a nice
new umbrella which nobody would laugh at, and she
was very happy.

However, after a while she became dissatisfied
with her new umbrella. She decided to buy a second
umbrella so that she could choose a different
umbrella depending on her mood. But it didn't end

She soon became dissatisfied with just two umbrellas
and she bought a third umbrella, and a fourth, and
a fifth, and a sixth... until she had too many umbrellas
to fit in her umbrella stand.

The young woman soon fell in with a bad crowd of hard-core
umbrella users and they introduced her to a chaotic lifestyle
of umbrella buying binges and indoor umbrella use.

Soon, she had too many umbrellas to fit in her cupboards.
And soon after that, she had too many umbrellas to fit in
her house!

She needed more space for all her umbrellas. But her
family and friends realised that the young woman
needed help for her addiction. They tried to persuade
her to join Umbrellas Anonymous, a support group
for people with umbrella addiction.

But she didn't want anyone to stop her from buying
umbrellas whenever she wanted... so she fled the country
and went to Australia where the were no restrictions on
umbrella ownership. She had heard that there was a lot of
space in Australia and the the houses were bigger. She
dreamed of unrestricted umbrella storage.

In Australia, the young woman began a new life free from
the conservative umbrella ownership views prevalent in her
homeland. She bought new umbrellas whenever it took her
fancy and flagrantly flaunted her umbrellas at every

Eventually, she was diagnosed with O.C.U.D. (Obsessive
Compulsive Umbrella Disorder), but by that time it was too
late for treatment to be effective and the young woman was
condemned to live the rest of her days as a slave to her

The End

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5745 Days Ago
Wanna buy a beach umbrella? No questions asked.

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