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Saturday, May 1st 2004

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Garage Sales

Yuko had seen a Japanese garage sale advertised so we decided to go. It was a Forestville and we took mother too. We left at about 9am without having breakfast, but Yuko couldn't go hungry so she made this rice ball and left it naked on the kitchen counter...

At the garge sale, Mother mysteriously acquired a price tag...

I was also accosted by a person known to me. I attempted to humiliate him by revealing to the person with him some of his deepest darkest secrets. For example... XXXX XXX XXXXXXXXX XXXX XXXXXXXXXXX XXX XXXXXXXX

Being a former table tennis player of some renown, he rapidly located a box of equipment for sale...

We then proceeded to a second sale at Roseville and Yuko bought a couple of boxes of children's stuff for her classes.


When we take Mother out we always take Mitsy because Mother has difficulty with Belinda (being a two-door). We therefore left Belinda locked in the garage. So when we arrived home, we were surprised to see Belinda parked outside our house! But it was an imposter! Comparing the two Belindas makes it clear why we were confused...

A closer view makes the difference more obvious... but which is the real Belinda???


As we'd had no breakfast, we were hungry and decided to have lunch at Epitome. It was a bit cold outside so we went upstairs. They had the fire going and it was very cosy.

Artarmon Fair

There was a fair in Wilkes Avenue at Artarmon. As this is a very tiny plaza, we were curious how they could fit a fair in. It turned out that they used part of the road too...

Some children were performing, resulting in this pathetic phenomenon...

Is a jumping castle called a jumping castle when it looks like this?

From Message
Laughing Mole
6471 Days Ago
Your attempt to display alternate Belindas does not work on my pathetic underground dialup connection. My browser tries to download one and then the other and ends up not downloading either fully. The page continues to suck bytes and never finishes loading. I even tried viewing both the images separately to get them into its cache, but that didn't work either.

From Message
6471 Days Ago
That's odd. I guess ideally it should detect such pathetic underground dialup connections and display the Belindas in an alternative format. This is my next programming challenge. In the mean time, so that you are not forced to suck bytes all day, I have displayed the two Belindas separately.

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