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Wednesday, December 8th 2004

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Today I learned two new words: "stiction" (noun) and "sonicate" (verb). However, I was only able to use one of them (stiction) in a conversation - actually a meeting.

Here's an example sentence using both words...

"I sonicated it but could not determine the stiction."

I will try to casually drop that sentence in at the next meeting.

Cutting a Head Open

I'm going to an implant surgery. I don't yet know when this will happen, but the wheels are in motion. I'm looking forward to seeing someone get their head cut open and have a hole drilled in their skull. I've already seen a video of an implant operation, but it was on a dead guy so there was no blood.

Another Course

The next two days I'll be on another in-house course. I hope we get to play with play-doh and streamers again!

Woosy Musings on Food and Coffee

We went to Epitome for dinner and came home so bloated and drunk that I almost didn't write this blog entry.

We had wanted to sit out on the balcony, but it was a tad windy so we stayed inside.

Gary, who is pictured below, was very taken with my IXUS 40. He said he's been considering buying it. So he was very happy to play with mine and take our picture.

The food was superb and excessive...

More Epitome Staff...

Cris (that's how he spelled it)



On the way home I found a WMD! Better tell George W.

From Message
Laughing Mole
5595 Days Ago

Have you installed your Christmas lights yet? I've turned mine on and I must say it's quite a show. I've emailed you a picture to prove it. (I expect I'll win Best Display In The Woods again.)

From Message
5595 Days Ago
Thank you Mr. Mole. It is indeed quite a show. I present your picture here for the enjoyment of readers.

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