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Wednesday, October 8 2008

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Mother Turns 81

Yes, it's Mother's 81st birthday. Last year, we had an extended celebration at a distant location, but because 81 is not divisible by 10, and is the fourth power of 3, we decided to have a smaller party.

We went to Cucinetta at Woolwich, where we sat 'outside' (although enclosed in plastic) with a view of the city.

From outside

The waiter reminded me of Borat in multiple ways, but he did have a better dress sense.

The Borat guy

We all ordered John Dory, but they refused and said that only one of us could have it. So we let Mother have the Dory while Yuko and I ate lesser dishes. Despite this, we ate, drank and were merry.

More binge drinking

Later we returned to our house for birthday cake. We chose not to use the full number of candles.

Cake - 80 candles omitted

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