The Noswonky Web Log:

Tuesday, October 7 2008


It's Tuesday again - so we went to The Dome again. Yuko met me in the QVB at 6.20pm.

Yuko waiting in the QVB

The Dome is on the upper level of the ArtHouse Hotel, which is in this old building. Apparently they still do art there sometimes. I heard that they recently held a painting workshop in the restaurant with nude models on the tables. Unfortunately we missed it!

The Arthouse - Dome inside

Tonight they gave us a 'Golden Gift'. It's a sealed envelope which, if we bring it on our next visit, will entitle us to something of material value. Obviiously this is just a scam to entice us to come back, but nevertheless it's very exciting.

You can't beat a golden gift

On the way back to the car, we pass this little Asian supermarket in Pitt Street. Yuko can't resist going in and buying a variety of strange foods.

When a shop or restaurant claims to be Korean, it's Korean. When it claims to be Korean and Japanese, it's Korean. When it claims to be Japanese, it's Korean or possibly Japanese. Therefore, this one must me Korean...

Korean Supermarket