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Sunday, December 5th 2004

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The Beach

Yuko's first words this morning: "Where shall we go? Pig?" By which she meant "Let's go to the Hog's Breath Cafe".

So we skipped breakfast and drove to Collaroy Beach where the Hog's Breath is located.

Belinda and a big tree

However, when we arrived, we found the place boarded up.

With a sign...

So instead, we bought fish and chips and sat on this terrace looking out over the beach and ocean.


After lunch I suggested we go to the Bahá'í temple at Ingleside. Yuko had never been there but I went there once with my parents back in the early 1980's. I thought Yuko might like to join the faith.

The Temple

When we arrived a woman approached us and gave us some literature about the Bahá'í religion and implored us to come back next Sunday when they will be holding some kind of Human Rights protest. She then offered to take our picture.

Inside, the temple is very simple. The floor is just a big flat area with rugs here and there and simple chairs for the worshipers. There is a lectern for someone to address the people but it is not raised up as you would expect in a church. The high dome and big windows allow the light to stream in making the room quite spectacular although it is mostly just white with very little decoration.

I didn't take a picture because photographs are not allowed inside the temple.

In the visitor's centre there were pictures of the other Bahá'í temples around the world. I couldn't help thinking that the one in India is a rip-off of the Sydney Opera House...

Dog Party

In the afternoon there was a Christmas Dog Party at Tambourine Bay.

We walked down to gawk at the animals. I was expecting to see dogs in Santa suits or pulling sleighs etc. However, it turned out to be a more low-key affair.

Still, there were some dressed up dogs.

At one point two of the dogs began having sex. I thought this would be a good image for the blog. However it was all over before I was able to snap a picture!

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