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Monday, October 6 2008

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In the morning I went out and saw an aeroplane! It was very exciting...


Parking Abomination.

The carpark at Lane Cove has changed from a three-hour, to a 90 minute limit. How can civilised people be expected to drink morning coffee in under 90 minutes? It's an abomination!

Coffee in under 90 minutes?

Fan Swap

A few days ago it was quite hot, and Mother asked me to move her fan, because it was too heavy for her to move. So I suggested that we swap fans. I had a similar fan which was much lighter than hers, and it would be easier for her to move.

So today I loaded my black fan into the car and took it around to her place...

Black fan loaded in Belinda

I found that I was able to lift the black fan with one finger, while Mother's larger white fan required a hand, so Mother was quite happy. Here are the two fans side-by-side at Mother's house.

The two fans at Mother's house

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