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Saturday, December 4th 2004

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Epitome Staff

Another Epitome staff member has been added to the photo collection...



As we walked from the carpark towards the plaza, we could hear someone singing Over The Rainbow, which of course it Dorothy's song. It turned out to be this band. The woman singing looked like she might be Japanese. She did a pretty good Judy Garland voice (adult version).

We went up on Epitome's balcony and watched them from there. They called another singer to come up and do a couple of songs...

She reminded us of someone we know...


Then we took Mother to Ying's Yum Cha at Crows Nest.

Mother ordered some strange pork dish that turned out to be disgusting.

The rest of the food was nice. Mother took the pork home in a doggie bag. I think her magpies will feast on it.

The Menu


Speaking of magpies, I spotted this baby pie in our back yard...

Baby pie and Tomoko

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