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Thursday, December 30th 2004

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The headlines are grimmer and grimmer every day. The front page number of 68,000 dead was already surpassed by many thousands by the time of this picture.


The internet café opened today, so we went to check our email and stuff. Yuko wanted to check where her blog was in the blog rankings. It was a bit hard to find it as the computer did not have Japanese fonts installed. However, we found it eventually. It had only dropped a few places in the rankings despite there being no postings for the last three days.

I then posted a brief interim report on our trip and then we left, having used 30 minutes. This cost $5.50.

Internet Café and bookshop

Primitive computer


We decided to go to Nowra for no particular reason other than to have a look.


We stopped at Mount Pleasant Lookout where we looked out... and it was pleasant...

Tin Shed

We also stopped at a shop called the Tin Shed. Its name is appropriate.

There was a lizard living in there...



This is typical of the kind of stuff they sell.

Today's Teenage Violence Indeed!

Table Tennis bats from the pre-industrial era

The owner

Nowra and Bomaderry

Nowra itself reminded us of Chatswood (a bit).



Helicopter on a stick

Yuko donated some money to this busker...

...and he and his dog posed...

We checked the house prices and found that they are even lower than in Kiama.

I hugged a chain. This is the anchor of the infamous HMAS Melbourne.


The rail line ends just before reaching Nowra and there is no rail line going south from there. Nowra is served by Bomaderry station just to the north.

Chinese Again

We liked the Chinese place yesterday so we went back today.

Chicken and Macadamia Nuts and Seafood Combination


Yuko asked one of the staff about Asian food shops in the area. She said the nearest would be in Wollongong and looked up the name of the street for us.

Yuko asked for a doggy-bag to take the remaining rice back to the motel. She said it was very good rice, despite being long-grain.

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