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Tuesday, December 28th 2004

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In the mornings, one is likely to see Towel-Heads roaming free.

Woosy Musings on Coffee and Cafés

I noticed this café just across the road from our motel, so we decided to try it for breakfast.

It turned out they had a nice deck area out the back.

And the owner was a very friendly and gnomic fellow.

And they served teddy bears with the coffee.

We liked it!

This may seem like just another typical photo of the Noswonkys, but it may become significant later.


We both forgot to pack some important stuff (I forgot toothpaste) so after breakfast we made a quick trip to the shopping mall.

The visit to the shopping mall may seem insignificant now, but it may become important later.

Shopping for milk

Seven Mile Beach

Yuko wanted to go to Seven Mile Beach for purposes which I am not at liberty to reveal. So we went.

Belinda Sighting

On the way to Seven Mile Beach we turned off into Belinda Street...

... and lo! Green Belinda...

Cow Sighting

We also stopped to say hello to this cow...

After I took this picture, the Cow turned and walked away in disgust.

At this cow stop, Yuko noticed that a ring was missing from her finger. We searched the grass, but to no avail. Later inspection of photographs showed that the ring was in place at the cafe, but it may have slipped off any time after that. We gave up looking and continued to the beach.

The Beach

Despite the fact that this sign says Shoalhaven Heads Beach, we were assured by everyone we spoke to (two people) that it was also Seven Mile Beach. Well, actually one of them just mumbled in our general direction "Yeah... I think that's Seven Mile... yeah I reckon...".

We had to follow a path through the dunes to find the beach. As there are many such tracks leading onto the beach, we decided to use this piece of black wood as a landmark to indentify this particular path when we returned.

Black wood used as a landmark

It's not a particularly crowded beach!

On the beach

Surf Boat

After walking some distance along the beach we came upon a café.

Beach Coffee

It was extremely windy and quite cool so we didn't stay long and Yuko did not achieve her objectives (which I am not at liberty to reveal) in visiting the beach.


We looked around the town. The two most important landmarks in Kiama are the Arch...

The Arch in Hindmarsh Park. Lest We Forget indeed.

...and the White Cow...

The Kiama Cow. I don't have a song for a white cow.

We also located the only known internet café in Kiama, but it was closed until Thursday.

Internet Café closed

We examined the Real Estate Agent's windows and decided that house prices here are less than half those in Lane Cove.

This house has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a double garage and the price is only $419,000.


Last year we went to a restaurant called Esse which was very nice. We wanted to go there again this time. When I looked for it, it appeared to be still there, but with a different name. It's now called 55 on Collins. In the afternoon we looked at their menu posted out the front and Yuko liked the sound of the duck.

So we made a booking for the evening.

Meanwhile, Yuko had to eat a rice ball to prepare her stomach for dinner.

55 On Collins

But when we sat down in the restaurant and looked at the menu, there was no duck! They had changed the menu in the three hours since we'd made the booking. Despite this, the food was very nice.

Christmas Lights

After dinner we went on a light tour to see what kind of show Kiama can put on. It was fairly subdued, except for...

The third-best display

The second-best display

We then looked for the house we saw last year... and here it is...

The best display

The rest of the pictures are other views of the same house.

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