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Saturday, July 5 2008

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Death by Emu

Yuko's least favourite animal is the Emu. This has been the case since the day she was chased along the walkway at Circular Quay by an Aboriginal man dressed as an Emu. Unfortunately this incident happened several years ago in the days before I carried my camera everywhere, so no photographs exist.

Today, an article in the SMH showed that Yuko's fear may be justified. The table below shows the number of deaths caused by various animals over a five year period. The savage horse topped the list of killers, but the Emu was responsible for two deaths...

Killer Emu

Garage Sale

We used to go to multiple garage sales every weekend, but recently we've mainly stayed away. Today we saw a sign while driving back from Epitome and stopped at a garage sale in Sofala Avenue. It was very exciting indeed and Yuko bought three items (which I don't remember).

Yuko at garage sale

0.5 Anniversary

Today was our 0.5th wedding anniversary. For this reason (and also because we'd run out of wine), we decided to open one of the bottles which we received from Keiko and Edwin at our wedding...

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