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Thursday, August 31 2006

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New Super-Lens

Yuko received her new camera lens today from

It's a 17-55mm zoom / f2.8 with image stabilizer and ultrasonic motors. It's a very nice lens indeed!

Of course Yuko was out taking pictures with it most of the afternoon - some of which can be seen on Yuko's Flickr Page.

Yuko shows me a picture she took with her new lens


We took Mother to Maroo for dinner. We ordered the same thing we always do - ribs and chicken - which we cook at our table.

Mother at Maroo

The fire-maker

Fire arrives at our table

After eating a Maroo we always stop at the nearby Korean supermarket. Tonight Yuko said she needed to do some serious shopping there!

Yuko arrives back at the car with serious shopping

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