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Friday, December 24th 2004

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No coffee today! Not even a primitive one.


It was a pretty relaxed day. Just a bit of real work in the morning and then most people started disappearing after lunch.

I left at about 3pm just as a storm was moving in on Sydney...

The rain came down while I was at Lane Cove doing some last-minute Christmas grocery shopping.

Dead Lizard

I found a dead lizard on the carpet. It appeard to have suffered a physical trauma consistent with an impact by human foot.

Yuko was the prime suspect due to her history of stepping on lizards. When questioned, she denied any involvement.


Epitome closed at 4pm today, although it will be open on Christmas day and Boxing day. So tonight we tried a new restaurant...

Piazza Pizza in Lane Cove Plaza

Actually I have been there before but the last time was in 1991 for a work lunch. However, the place has been under new management since 1992, so it counts as new.

We sat outside in this tent-like structure.

The food was extremely adequate. Yuko was particularly impressed by their garlic bread. It comes close to the standard of that from Capitano's at North Sydney. She has regarded Capitano's as the best garlic bread in Sydney since she first tasted it as a poor struggling student back in 1992.

And... I got a cappuccino after all...

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