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Saturday, November 26 2005

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Here's another picture of some feet...


It was raining as we made our way to Epitome. Yuko took her camera kit which is now big enough to require wheels for transport. Chubba, who works at Epitome, has the same model camera as Yuko does. So Yuko discussed her camera and lens requirements with him.

Making our way to Epitome
Yuko discusses her camera with Chubba


Yuko decided that the built-in macro facility in her new SLR camera was not adequate for her needs. So she asked me to take her to Domayne to buy a macro lens.

At Domayne we ran into Yuko's former business colleague, Mr. Yamaguci, who has appeared in this blog before...

Yamaguci's earlier appearance

Yuko and Yamaguci at Domayne
Yuko with her new lens

Jan Disappears - Feared Dead!

Is Jan dead, alive or bleeding to death on the floor of her unit? This was the question which occupied our afternoon.

At about 3pm, Mother called me asking me to perform some illegal acts for her involving copyrighted video tapes. I decided to walk around to Mother's house to pick up the tapes while getting some exercise.

When I arrived, Mother told me that she was concerned about her friend Jan. Jan normally calls Mother every Saturday and they arrange to go out to a movie or something arty. But today, Jan had not called, and Mother's attempts to contact her had also failed.

Mother was worried that Jan might be incapacitated in her unit - unable to reach the phone. It all seemed a bit strange, so I suggested that we go to Jan's place to investigate.

Meanwhile, [Name Omitted] (known to readers as Lady Macbeth) was sending text messages to Jan's mobile without any response. So we drove to Jan's place at Artarmon.

Mother buzzed Jan's bell...

Mother buzzing

...but there was no response. So she buzzed several other units until someone answered. Mother explained the situation on the intercom and the guy let us into the building. In doing so he violated the instructions on the notice board inside...

The guy in unit 16 is in breach of the security guidelines for the building!

We banged on Jan's door and listened carefully for the sound of her moaning in agony on the floor. But we heard nothing.

Having established the physical location of Jan's unit, I walked around the outside of the building and located her balcony. The glass sliding doors were closed. I also walked under the building to locate her parking space to check whether her car was there. However, it was a lockup garage so I was unable to see if the car was there.

Having learned very little, we drove to Lady Macbeth's house to tell her the result of our investigation. Ms. Macbeth was babysitting a small person, who ran away upon seeing me...

Small person runs away

We then stood around speculating about Jan's possible grisly fate...

Standing around speculating about Jan's fate.
Note - Lady Macbeth is obscured in accordance with her wishes.

Then we went home. But later, Mother called to say that Jan had been found alive and well!

Jan had called her, and when Mother told her about the events of the afternoon, Jan said "I told you I was going out with my relatives today!"

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