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Sunday, August 20 2006

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Bather's Pavilion



In the afternoon Yuko suggested we go to Balmoral - enticing me with the lure of fish and chips by the sea. Her real motive was photographing seagulls.

On the way, we passed the building at Neutral Bay where out favourite Japanese restaurant (Pontocho) used to be located in it's golden era. The premises have been empty for some time, but today we noticed that a new Japanese restaurant has moved in!

New restaurant on the former site of Pontocho

At Mosman we bought fish and chips from the fish and chip shop, and went onto the jetty at Balmoral to eat. Strangely, the seagulls ignored us even when we threw some chips down. So we then went onto the beach to attract the gulls. Yuko had actually bought a serving of chips just for feeding to the gulls!

Yuko gathers the gulls

I threw chips while Yuko took pictures and then we swapped and I took pictures with Yuko's camera. Here's one picture I took...

Gull eyes chip

For more gull pictures visit Yuko's photos at Flickr.

We then walked along to the Bather's Pavilion and had coffee...

Attack by Druggies

Despite the fact that Mother had left her old garden hose outside near her front fence as a special gift for the druggies of Riverview, the drug users still choose to sever her hose at the tap. So I had to go around and repair it...

Hose severed near tap
I examined it with Belinda's headlight

Softening the end in hot water
Hose fixed


In the evening I did my tax return - having finally received the last of my three payment summaries. Normally I wait until the last minute to do my tax return, but I was motivated to do it early this year because I was expecting a good sized refund.

I used the on-line system (eTax) to complete and lodge my return. The refund it calculated was not as big as I'd hoped, but it was adequate.

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