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Sunday, November 20 2005

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Animals' Arses

Yuko wanted to go somewhere where there was something interesting to photograph with her shiny new camera. I suggested we go to Taronga Zoo to photograph animals' arses.


There were plenty of arses on show...

Zebra's Arse
Barbary Sheep's Arse
Gorilla's Arse
Camel's Arse
Rhino's Arse

We also wanted to see elephants, because you can't beat an elephant.

The elephants were surprisingly difficult to spot...

... but I found one eventually. They seemed so much bigger when I was a kid!

The zoo is also a good place to photograph lewd acts without being arrested.

Two animals perform a cross-species lewd act

As we were about to leave, Yuko ran into an old friend - Kauru, who was there with her daughter and grandchildren.


At the gift shop, Yuko bought a present for Belinda...

Leopard-skin Belinda

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