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Tuesday, September 2 2008

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Now that I'm working in the city (more or less) again, Yuko can meet me after work for dinner. So that's what we did today.

But before that, I was forced to perform a bizarre ritual...

At the place where I park my car, the early-bird rate - $15/day - requires that you exit the carpark by 7pm. As our dining would easily extend beyond 7pm, I would lose my earlybird rights, and thus be forced to pay $48!

So instead, I returned to the carpark before meeting Yuko, paid my $15 and drove my car out into the street. I then did one lap of the block and drove back into the same carpark and parked there again. By doing this, I only had to pay $12 for the rest of the evening making a total of $27 for the day - a saving of $21!

I met Yuko at the QVB and we went to Akaneya. The footpath outside the restaurant was undergoing an archaeological dig, requiring us to cross a flimsy bridge-of-death to reach the door...

Akaneya and the bridge of death

Once inside we ate, drank and made merry...

Inside Akeneya
Making merry

Yuko ordered rice, but didn't eat it and asked for a doggy bag. She then ate it as a rice ball in the car as we drove home...

Yuko eats a rice ball in the car

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4885 Days Ago
instead of !@#$ing around, can u post a few (say3-4) recommendations for a Japanese joint in town? medium to expensive range?

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4881 Days Ago

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