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Thursday, December 2nd 2004

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Garbage Stolen

As suggested by the council, we put our garbage out last night in a box with a sign for the garbage men...

So this morning we walked down to the road to see if it had been taken.

Now here's the strange thing... It was gone, but it appeared the garbage collectors had not yet been! We knew this because both our neighbour's garbage was still there.

This is the nature strip where we left the cardboard box of garbage. Our neighbour's bin is there with garbage still inside.

The only conclusion we can draw is that someone stole our garbage before the garbage collectors came! Interestingly, we have reason to believe that when our bin was stolen last week, it may have still had garbage inside. If that's the case then we may be dealing with a serial garbage stealer.

Fire at Maroo

We took Mother the the Korean BBQ, which we now know is called "Maroo" and narrowly escaped death in a raging inferno.

Our charcoal fire became hotter than normal and began giving off smoke, which normally does not happen due to the ventilation system built in to the table.

The fire got hotter and hotter and redder. We started to feel the heat on our legs as the fire became I suggested that we put out the story that she had cut off her own finger and sent it to a lover. Well, the ear has already been done, and it worked wonders for the value of that guy's paintings.


Yuko, being a VW owner got this magazine in the mail.

I glanced through it and noticed this article, and my eye was caught by the picture in the margin...

Compare with this from Saturday...

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