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Sunday, September 28 2008

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Digital Civilisation Ends

Our Internet connection has been painfully slow for the last couple of days. We could use email and load simple web pages, but Youtube was almost unusable - the end of civilisation.

I therefore did my bigger downloads at Epitome, where there is free WiFi...

Downloading at Epitome

So today I called our ISP ('yes' Optus), to report the problem. They said there was no fault - we were throttled. This means that Optus had intentionally reduced our net speed beacause we had exceeded our mothnly data limit of 7GB!

I have had no way of checking our data usage (although I could when I worked at Optus). They gave me the option of upgrading to a better plan, or just waiting for the end of the month when our speed will return to normal. I opted to upgrade, from 7GB to 20GB/month. However it takes 24 hours to kick in.

They reset my password so that I could access the usage meter...

It turns out that they sent me an email warning that we were close to our limit. However they sent it to an email account that I've never used. When I checked it today, I found numerous 'Important' unread emails going back to last century!

20th Century Emails

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