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Saturday, November 19 2005

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Here's another picture of feet. I may soon have enough of these pictures for a dedicated gallery...


Parking Secret

On Saturday morning, the main carpark at Lane Cove is typically full to overflowing and people drive around and around looking for a space. But Lane Cove's best kept parking secret is this carpark...

Lane Cove's best kept parking secret

It's just a little further to walk to the shops, and is probably deserted because you have to buy a ticket at the machine in the foreground, while the main carpark is free. But in fact, the ticket machine never works, making it free too!


In the afternoon I went walking to get some exercise. I can't go cycling because the bike still has a flat tyre.

I crossed the Bridge of Death...

Crossing the Bridge of Death

And I saw two signs about dogs...

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From Message
Laughing Mole
5244 Days Ago
Don't you have bicycle pumps in your world?

From Message
5244 Days Ago
Yes, but they were invented by a sadistic fiend as a practical joke on the poor flat-tyred cyclists who falsely believe that moving the handle back and forth will inflate a bicycle tyre!

What are bicycle pumps like in your world?

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