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Friday, December 17th 2004

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Santa (or his representative) came today with a stack of envelopes...

Inside was a Christmas wish from the big bosses, a gift voucher, and a photo of almost everyone in the company. Unfortunately, the photo was taken just before I joined, so I'm not in it.

The atmosphere at work today seemed very casual and Christmassy; what you might expect on the last day before Christmas, even though it wasn't.

Drug Pushers

Late in the afternoon an announcement was made on the PA that there were free Krispy Kreme Donuts in the reception area. This created a stampede of shameless sweet toothed people.

Krispy Kreme are drug pushers who go around handing out free donuts to entice their innocent victims into a life of addiction.

I ate the one at bottom left


We ate dinner (curry) under our new umbrella for the first time.

The umbrella does not appear in this picture, but it is there!

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