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Thursday, December 16th 2004

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Old House

The house at St. Leonards, where I grew up, is for lease.

My parents sold this house for $63000 in 1979. I think that may have been a mistake.


Mother came to dinner and was in awe of our Christmas tree. She doesn't believe in fibre optics because it's just not possible!

Mother with the fibre optic tree which she does not believe exists

From Message
Laughing Mole
5593 Days Ago

Your Mother seems to be coping well with living under a bridge.

Has the insurance company ponied up with the readies after the fire, or did they determine that your claim was all bull and decide to dog you for the rest of your days after your blog let the cat out of the bag?

From Message
5592 Days Ago
Mother's house seems to have been re-built. Of course I had no involvement, but I can only assume that nobody ratted her out and the insurance scam was successful.

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