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Thursday, November 17 2005

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Early Photo

Yuko was out taking pictures early this morning. Here she can be seen standing in the flower bed taking pictures. This picture also shows the huge wall our neighbours have recently built parallel to our brush fence. We like it because we'd rather look at an ugly fence than look at their heads going by.


We invited Mother for dinner at our house tonight, so I wanted to get home reasonably early. But the traffic was very slow in the Hunters Hill area and when an ambulance came by on the other side of the road with its siren on, I guessed there must be an accident up ahead. But alas, there was nothing except a couple of stretch limos.


There's nothing like gawking at other people's misfortune. Look at this a poor bastard...


I also had to do the shopping for the food we would serve to Mother, so I didn't get home until 7.39pm.

Despite this, the evening was successful.

Mother eating John Dory

We also ate cake...


From Message
5253 Days Ago
I was there that arvo for the car breakdown. I was trying to get a cab to Glebe.... Small world, but I wouldn't want to paint it!

From Message
5253 Days Ago
Me neither. You'd never get agreement on the colour.

From Message
5247 Days Ago
The uncle can paint it for you in stars and stripes.

From Message
5246 Days Ago
I'm sure our Prime Minister would approved of that color* scheme.

PS: You're not this Ron are you?

* American spelling used under fear of military occupation.

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