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Thursday, July 24 2008

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Second Interview

This afternoon I had another interview. This was a followup to Tuesday's intervew. So again, I took the afternoon off and went to the city. This time I did not go home to change, but instead went directly to the city to drink beer with two former work colleagues from my dim distant past.

I've known one of these dudes (Carlos) for 25 years, and the other (Santana) for about twenty, from a time when we all worked for the same company in Lane Cove West.

Former colleagues Santana and Carlos (and beer)

They both wrote their email addresses on a napkin

After leaving the pub, I went back to the carpark and changed into my interview clothes. Here are some city sights I saw on the way...

Big waving man in Martin Place
Big white box at Circular Quay

After the interview, I went to Starbucks to wait for Yuko who was coming over to meet me for dinner. We had dinner at the Quay Bar which is located on the plaza at the front of Customs House at the Quay. This is another place we used to go to regularly when I worked in the city. Although it was a cold evening, we sat outside under the warmth of gas heaters.

From Message
4929 Days Ago
After discussions with our colleague, we have decided to reveal more of our identities (apart from red oval faces). Please refer to me as Carlos and to him as Santana.

From Message
4929 Days Ago
The article has been amended accordingly.

From Message
4927 Days Ago
Was the phot taken at one of the lucky Starbucks that will escape closure?

From Message
4927 Days Ago
It was the one at the Quay. I don't know its fate yet, but it was busy so perhaps it will be spared.

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