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Grocery Shopping

An uneventful day…

I also edited the vlogs from the past week into a single vlog which I posted on my noswonky channel. I might do this every week, or I might not.

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Always Collimate

Tonight I attended the public astronomy night at UWS Penrith.

Several of my fellow astronomy club members also attended and we setup out telescopes for the public to look through. The RFS was conducting a hazard reduction burn in the mountains (near Faulconbridge) which cause a big plume of smoke to slowly engulf us. However we did get some good viewing in before the smoke closed in.

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Snow Pea Sprout Dropped!

Yuko made me dig holes in the garden today. It was not very exciting.

Later, I spent a lot of time working on my various web projects.

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Horses Up Close

Yuko wanted to buy garden tools today so we went to the hardware shop and bought garden tools.

Then we went to another hardware shop to buy some different stuff. Yuko was very happy.


She also wanted to take pictures of horses…


Today I also registered three (3) domains for a secret project I’m working on.

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Big Scope Refurbishment

I went to the monthy WSAAG meeting in the evening. The observatory director informed us that the 24 inch telescope had taken its ‘second first light’ today.

First light is when a telescope is first tested by pointing it at the sky. In this case the scope is old, but it has had a major refurbishment. So today they tested it on the sky for the first time since the upgrades. Technically not ‘first light’ for this telescope, but ‘second first light’.

I don’t know all the details of the upgrades done to the scope, but the mirrors have been re-coated and parts of the tube have been replaced. The work is not complete yet and this was evident by the fact that the auditorium was in some disarray with workbenches and tools.

I think today might be the second anniversary of when we bought our house (settlement date), although it might have been yesterday.

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Yuko Reviews ‘At the Movies’

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Wheel Covers

Yuko has wanted to replace the wheel covers on her car for some time. We delayed it until we had got the new wheel and tyre, but today we bought a set of covers at the Repco shop- $35 for a set of four. It was then my task to install them.

They are made of plastic and are easy to damage. Two of them cracked in the process of attaching them to the wheels. However the cracks were small and not easy to see.

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Mushroom Cluster

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I’m Inadequate

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New Wheel

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